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How to make the most out of your spare time


how to make the most out of your spare time

In a world where women are busier than ever – it comes as no shock to reveal that we only get around 2 hours 45 minute spare time on average each work day. When you spend so much time at work it can be tempting to take your work home with you – responding to emails and completing tasks you didn’t quite get round to in your 9-5. Whilst you may feel under pressure to keep on top of everything – it’s more important than ever to keep your work and personal life separate in order to ensure you don’t end up burning yourself out. So with the little spare time you do get, how should you spend them? I’ve got some fabulous tips which will help you sit back, relax and chill out.

Take some alone time
If you’ve been around people all day at work you may need some time to yourself to analyse your day. Instead of going home and jumping into conversation with your partner/housemate, greet them and then take five minutes to change and wind down on your own.

make a cup of tea in your spare time

It’s time for a cuppa
You know if you start doing something enough, your mind will start to associate it with a certain time or activity. To indicate to your brain that stepping into your door is your time you need to create a signal. It doesn’t need to be anything complex – it could be throwing your coat on the hook, or making a cup of tea. By doing it everyday you’re creating a signal in your mind that’s time to switch off.

It’s one or the other
Whilst we should be  proud as women that we can multi-task, doing two things at once – like watching telly and using your mobile at the same time  can overstimulate our brains. When we’re trying to relax that’s the last thing we need. Try watching TV for a hour or use just your phone. You’ll probably find you’ll enjoy it a lot more by focusing entirely on the one task.

put your feet up and chill out

Don’t feel guilty about not working
Whilst you may feel that you need to fill every working hour with tasks, it’s time to rethink that mindset. If you’re constantly on the go you won’t have the chance to relax and feel refreshed when you’re at work which will affect your productivity. Remember you’ve been at work all day, you deserve that time to put your feet up if you want to.

Feeling restless?
Do you find when you’re not at work, vacuuming or doing the washing up you feel restless and at a loose end. Try using your me time to do something you really want to do. That way you’ll be focused and you’ll enjoy it instead of reluctantly feeling like you ‘have’ to relax.  Plan out short activities like watch your favourite TV program, cook your dinner or play with the kids.

Put those files away
If you look around your room can you see any work related items peeking out? If you can’t well done – but if you can – hide it now! Simply by seeing something work related, your mind instantly jumps to thinking about work. If you’re struggling wiht your workload, or you’re having issues with a colleague this may stir up negative connotations that can affect your relaxation time. Make sure that when you’re at home nothing work related is in plain sight, that way your time will remain your time.

create a to do list to make it seem like you've achieved something

Create a mini to-do list
If you’ve got several projects on the go at work you may feel like you haven’t achieved anything when it’s time to go home. That isn’t true of course – every step you put towards completing your projects is of course another tick in the box. Set up a short to do list with around 5 items that you know you’ve done that day. For example you sent an email relating to your project, completed that essential powerpoint presentation and so on.