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10 ways to feel better about yourself

10 ways to feel better about yourself

On days when everything seems to go wrong it can be easy to doubt yourself, your life and your achievements. Whilst it’s hard to be upbeat all the time it’s important to remember we need the bad times to realise how awesome the good days really are. Here’s ten top tips to feel better about yourself when you feel like the world is taking a dump on you.

Don’t give up
Whether it’s a minor upset like a flat tyre or even something more long term like illness, try to remember the majority of these setbacks are temporary. Keep positive and remember the only way is up.

Believe in yourself
If you don’t believe in yourself then can you really expect others to? One of the biggest supporters you can get in life is yourself and if you sing your praises loud enough people will hear. Figure out what you want and what you need to do and if you want it strongly enough you will get there.

The world isn’t out there to get you
If lots of things go wrong at once you may think the world hates you. The world doesn’t have an agenda, it’s just unfortunate that sometimes coincidence can result in bad patches that seem to go on forever. When nothing seems to go right focus on something you know works for you and go from there.

Be mindful of your thoughts
Did you know you have thousands of thoughts a day – some conscious, some not. Some of those thoughts may seem quite unpleasant and often these can override all the good thoughts and ruin a good mood. A good thing about the complexity of your brain is that it can be trained and once you become aware of the negative thoughts you can start to dismiss them for more positive thoughts.

Be strong
Whatever the situation it is possible to get through it. Use your inner strength to overcome the challenge and show it who’s boss. You’ve probably faced many darker times in your life that make this particular setback seem insignificant.

Be your own biggest fan
If you’re not happy with the way you are or what you do then change it. Obviously this may not happen quickly, but even the smallest baby steps will help you get there. Love yourself and realise you can work on a strategy to get where you want to be. Remove the painful things in your life and things will start to get brighter.

Aim for the stars (but not too high)
Whilst it’s important to have aims and ambitions, it’s important not to want too much. If for example your dream is to own that 10 bed mansion in the Hollywood Hills then unless you’re the next biggest thing it probably will never happen. Don’t let yourself be disappointed by aiming higher then you can reach.

Don’t let cruel words get to you
Humans can be raw and sometimes very cruel. If someone has said something nasty to you for whatever reason it can really sting, especially if they don’t know you. If the comment spouts from jealousy or the person is just being nasty ignore it and try to move on as they probably just want a reaction. If however they are trying to help you by offering constructive criticism it may be something you could learn from.

Disappointment happens to everyone
Even the most successful people in life suffered so many knocks before they got to where they are today. One fabulous example is JK Rowling who faced many rejections from publishers before finding someone who agreed to print Harry Potter. Guess how red faced those publishers are today! Whoever you are, and whatever you do in life you’ll face disappointment but use that to learn from your mistakes and get it right the next time.

Face your fears
Fear is scary and it can stop you doing things. Overcoming fear on the other hand can leave you feeling exhilarated and incredibly proud of what you’ve managed to overcome. By facing your fears you’re keeping your ambition and desire alive and discover you’re so much stronger for it.

Next time you’re feeling down bear these tips in mind and turn that frown upside down. Whether you do it alone or with a friend you’ll start to see the world in a more positive light.