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10 things on Netflix you need to watch right now

10 things on netflix you need to watch right now

I’m a avid fan of Netflix and think the regularly updated content makes it well worth the £7.99 I pay. With a great mixture of Netflix originals, major tv shows and films I can’t get enough of it. There 10 things on Netflix that I’ve really been enjoying lately and I can’t wait to share them with you today.

Brain on Fire

Brain on Fire is the true story of a popular journalist who is suddenly struck down by a rare brain disease. She gradually loses the ability to act rationally and can barely function at all. Doctors are keen to diagnose her with a mental disease such as schizophrenia or personality disorder as they feel it matches her symptoms. It is only after one doctor makes it his mission to discover what’s wrong with her that her true disease is discovered.

The Prisoners

The Prisoners is a gritty crime film that tells the story of two 6 year old little girls who are kidnapped on Thanksgiving. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Detective Loki a cop who until now has solved every case that crossed his desk. When Loki is forced to release his only suspect, Keller Dover (the father of one of the girls) takes justice into his own hands when his little girl still isn’t found. This film really had me guessing as to whether the main suspect really did it and the end really took me by surprise. The creepy whistling before the final credits will send shivers down your spine (you’ll need to watch it to find out what I mean!)

Old Boy

This film has a ending that is so savage you’ll really feel for the main character. The film is about the obnoxious Dae-su, a drunk who doesn’t care about anyone about himself. After he staggers home drunk one night he is inexplicably kidnapped and imprisoned in a mock up motel room. His only insight into the outside world during his imprisonment is a TV playing various programs into the room. Early on in the movie the kidnappers steal his dna and kill his wife framing him for the murder by planting his dna. His 3 year old daughter is taken into care and he is forced to watch this play out over crime dramas that are played into the room. Over the 20 years that’s he’s imprisoned he vows to change, becomes sober and wants to reunite with his daughter. For no reason he is suddenly released with a phone and some money. He is later contacted by his kidnapper who reveals he has his daughter and he will kill her in 46 hours unless Dae-su can reveal who the kidnapper is and why he was taken. The reward is $20 million in diamonds, a confession to the murder of his wife by the kidnapper and his death as he vows to kill himself if Dae-wu succeeds. Dae-wu has the help of mysterious nurse Marie who comes to his aid as he goes on the race of his life to find his daughter. You won’t want to miss the end of this film.

The Staircase

Very much along the lines of Making a Murderer, The Staircase is the true story of novelist Michael Peterson who was put on trial for the murder of his wife Kathleen Peterson. The documentary follows the course case that ensues following the discovery of his wife’s body. The program discusses evidence, reconstructs scenarios and plays out scenes amongst Peterson and his family. Having originally seen this on Medical Detectives I already knew the story of this case but obviously not what happened during the court case and the aftermath. It’s quite interesting and you’ll really be thinking did he? Didn’t he?

Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane

Starting a young Jodie Foster the film tells the story of 13 year old Rynn Jacobs a little girl who lives alone in a New England beach house. She has a dark secret hiding in her cellar and she would do anything to keep it hidden. I don’t normally watch that many older films but it plays out quite nicely.

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When A Stranger Calls

When A Stranger Calls is based around the urban myth of the babysitter who starts to receive mysterious calls from a stranger inside the house. Whilst the story isn’t exactly new the suspense really builds and I love the whole cat and mouse aspect of the film.

Jane The Virgin

This program is so unique and well worth a mention. It tells the story of Jane The Virgin who starts out as well a virgin and accidentally gets inseminated by her crush’s sperm when going for a Pap smear. There’s currently four series on Netflix and you follow Jane as she has her baby, falls in and out love and has many adventures along the way. Unlike many programs the charm of Jane the Virgin is that it’s narrated throughout much like the Spanish dramas they’re always watching and that really makes it stand out. There’s many a celebrity appearance too!


Starring Idris Elba this is a psychological crime drama where Luther hunts down the most psycho murderers. He acts on his emotions and is tormented by the crimes of those he hunts. A real cat and mouse drama.

Grace and Frankie

This hilarious comedy tells the story of two women whose husbands fall in love with each other. Whilst they weren’t exactly friends when they were married, the shock of their husbands infidelity brings them together. Watch them as they come to terms with their new life, discover new business ventures and start new relationships.

Before I wake

A couple who are still mourning the loss of their little boy foster 8 year old Cody. Whilst things start well they soon realise that Cody is afraid to go to sleep. When he does succumb to sleep, his dreams – and nightmares come to life. Cody’s foster parents start to see their dead son come back to life and whilst they’re initially amazed the demons soon start to stir. The film follows their journey to discover what’s causing Cody’s magical abilities and how to stop it before their world is destroyed.

10 things on netflix you need to watch right now