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Ultimate self care and mindful thinking tips for bloggers

Ultimate self care tips for bloggers

Fearing blogger burnout? Take head of these mindful thinking tips

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned pro, no blogger is happy unless they’re busy researching the latest trend or attending the latest blogger event. With the level of skills required to make a profit in blogging, bloggers are busier than ever and if you work full time as well it can be easy to burn out. Blogging is not as simple as simply typing a post and hitting publish – if only it was that easy. Blogging effectively encompasses many careers and requires bloggers to create content, build traffic, promote posts and build an audience on social media in addition to finding ways to make money. With so many tasks to juggle for one person it’s easy to start losing your motivation and lose track of what you’re trying to achieve. Like any career you need to learn to balance your work and your personal life and allow time to dedicate to yourself without working. Here’s 7 mindful thinking tips which will help you focus on the self care you so desperately need when you start to lose your way.

Take a step back

If you’ve suddenly woke up and realised you feel constricted or bored you need to take a blogging holiday. If you spend your entire working hours focusing on your blog you may have forgotten what made you start it in the first place. Did you want to help others or grow your skills in a certain area? Take a step back, log out of your social media and assess how you feel. Do you miss it? Or perhaps you want to blog less. Whatever your decision value it and learn to love blogging again.

You can say no

Blogging throws many opportunities our way and it’s simply not possible to do them all. Sometimes weeks are busy –
sometimes they’re not but if you’re invited to five blogging events and then you’re asked to write 5 sponsored posts in the same week you simply can’t do them all. Assess the best opportunities for your blog and your vision and say no to the others. Don’t worry you won’t end up skint – if the brand wanted to work with you this time they definitely will the next.

Ultimate self care tips for bloggers set monthly goals

Set monthly goals

Whilst annual goals are great to plan where you want to be, you should also focus on monthly goals. This could be as simple as making a plan to create a infographic or even a blog series. Work out what it is you want to achieve through your goals – do you want to encourage people to sign up to your mailing list or increase affiliate profit and work towards it. Set out your goals for the month at the end of the last and try to stick to it.

Schedule your content

Just like you set out your monthly goals you should write down what you plan to achieve each week. I prefer to use Notes on my iPhone but most bloggers love to use planners. You can write down everything you plan to do that week from writing x amounts of blog posts to how many times you’re going to promote content on social media etc.

Ultimate self care tips for bloggers take regular breaks

Take regular breaks

If you worked a 9-5 would you expect to work the whole day without taking a break? Probably not. Legally businesses are required to give you a 30 minute break if you work over 6 hours. You should take that into consideration when you’re blogging. Just because you’re working for yourself doesn’t mean you should work till you drop.

Connect with other bloggers

Blogging is a massive supportive community and there are so many creatives who share your visions and why you do what you do. If you’re losing inspiration and your friends simply don’t understand it’s time to find your blogging tribe. You can join Facebook groups, take part in Twitter chats or even send a personal message reaching out to other bloggers. Find more tips on how to connect on my post on how to make friends blogging.

Ultimate self care tips for bloggers make time just to be you

Make time to just be you

It’s essential to take downtime where you just kick back, relax and do what you love most. Whether it’s reading the latest thriller, watching Netflix or going to the cinema do it and have fun. You might even come up with some fabulous ideas to use on your blog!

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