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Discover a skincare routine that will keep your skin healthy and glowing

Fed up of dull, tired skin? It may be time to start a skincare routine. Discover the simple steps I take to get a radiant glow Keeping my skin clear and healthy is extremely important to me as it reflects my wellbeing inside and out. Whilst there are many issues that can affect our skin – from spots to fine lines, if we maintain a…

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NYX Off Tropic Eyeshadow Palette review

Capture the essence of Summer in NYX Off Tropic Eyeshadow palette NYX Off Tropic eyeshadow palette comes in two different styles, Hasta La Vista and Shifting Sand. Hasta La Vista has bright vibrant tones whilst Shifting Sand consists mainly of golden shades. Shifting Sands is the one I decided to go for as the shades are just more the kind of thing I would wear. I…

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Birthday gift guide for her | Plus win Revolution goodies

Got a birthday coming up and scratching your head as to what would make the perfect gift? I give you the answers with my birthday gift guide for her With my birthday this week what better time is there then to write a birthday gift guide. Women can often be pretty difficult to buy for, especially if it seems like they own every piece of…

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Weekly favourites: Five things I’m loving this week

Discover the weekly favourites I couldn’t put down this week! There are some products that simply wow you when you try them and these five are top of my list this week. From beauty to food, here’s the lowdown on the top 5 things on my weekly favourites. Tesco Angel 6 cake slices I always find store made cakes can be hit and miss and…

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Win one of five M&S hampers worth £50.00 each

Need some treats for a day or fun with your family? How about entering to win one or five M&S Hampers With the lovely weather we’ve been enjoying lately, it’s the perfect time to get the family together and go for a picnic. Sound like a good idea? Well to make it even better you’ve got the chance to win one of six M&S hampers…

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How to treat hyperpigmentation

Fed up of dark spots? Discover all the tips you need to know on how to discover and treat hyperpigmentation If you enjoy spending time in the sun, you should know that some features of sunbathing can make long-term changes to your skin. One of them is hyperpigmentation, and this guide will show you how to recognise and treat it. What is hyperpigmentation? Exposing your…

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Discover the beauty boxes you’ll love

With so many beauty boxes available how do you know what one is right for you? In my latest post I’ll be telling you all about the beauty boxes you’ll love Don’t you hate it when you buy a new beauty product and realise after a few uses it’s not for you. Buying new beauty and makeup products can be expensive, and if you’ve got…

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100 blog post ideas to strike inspiration when you have writer’s block

Get back into that blogging mojo and strike inspiration with my list of blog post ideas Sometimes when we’re blogging inspiration simply doesn’t strike and we’re left scratching our head wondering what to write next. On days like those a list of blog post ideas would certainly come in handy to get your mind ticking. My latest post provides all the ideas for a blog…

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Discover if Primark Ps False Lash Queen gives a False Lash effect

Putting Primark PS False Lash Queen mascara to the test If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I’ve probably tried every high street mascara trying to find ‘the one’. The one is a mascara of truly epic proportions that can give me a false lash effect without smudging, flaming or irritation. In my quest I discovered that Primark Beauty had been…

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Holiday skin preparation 101

Before you jet off on holiday you need to get your holiday skin preparation down to a tee. Discover the steps you need to take for the perfect holiday bod So you’ve packed your suitcase, your suntan lotion is on standby and your travel money is ready to go. Now you just need to get your beauty preparation in hand and you’re all ready to…

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