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How to effectively conceal your blemishes

Spots, dark circles and redness are the worst, especially if you’ve got a big event coming up. Discover how to effectively conceal your blemishes in my latest article Blemishes, like dark circles, spots and redness are often the bane of our lives. You can almost guarantee they pop up at the worst time, like when you have an important work meeting at work. The burning…

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How to wear bold lipstick colours

Put that neutral lippie down and show the world how you can rock bold lipstick colours When you wear lipstick do you feel like you have to stick to nude or neutral shades in fear of looking over the top? Whilst it may not be something you’re used to, once you’ve grasped the basics you’ll wear a bold lipstick with pride. With the official announcement…

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Must have Summer wardrobe pieces

Is your Summer wardrobe looking a little dated? If you want something fresh and trendy this season here’s my selection of some of the best Summer wardrobe pieces to invest in. Not sure what to wear this Summer? The weathers not been to great so far, but knowing the British Summer we’re going to be guaranteed at least 2 weeks of decent summer weather. I’m…

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Five essential summer scents for the perfect summer vibes

Wish it could feel like summer all year round? Well with these delightful summer scents it almost can Summer to me is all about sunshine, sandy beaches, cocktails, the smells of coconut and fresh grass. Us Brit’s know that Summers in the UK don’t tend to last all that long, so when it comes to my favourite summer scents I want something that screams good…

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Bring fun back to bathtime with I Heart Revolution donut bath fizzer collection

Is your bathtime a little dull? Add some colour and sparkles with the new I Heart Revolution bath fizzer collection For years Lush has been the queen of bathtime fun, with their bath bombs and soap bars being the centre of every pamper night. That is until now with Revolution turning heads with their new Donut bath fizzer collection. The new sweet treat collection is…

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Discover 6 amazing Aloe Vera benefits to improve your health

Aloe vera is well known to help soothe burns, but there’s so much more it can do. Discover 6 amazing aloe vera benefits that will help your skin, digestion and hair to look good and feel amazing Aloe Vera is one of those plants we’ve all heard about but know virtually nothing about. Over the years Aloe Vera has been billed as a product that…

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How to make your lashes appear longer

Feel like you were the last in the line when god was handing out eyelashes? Well you can make your lashes appear longer with these top tips Do you dream of long full lashes that would make Bambi jealous? Well girl I feel your pain. Often the first thing us short lashed gals do is reach for the mascara – but the results can often…

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Make money in your lunchtime with micro survey apps

If all your money goes on bills, it can be hard knowing when you’ll find a few extra pounds to treat yourself. However you can make money in your lunchtime by taking advantage of some of the best micro survey apps Do you spend your lunchtime trawling through Instagram or constantly refreshing Facebook to see if anything new has happened? Wish lunchtimes could be more…

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The essential guide to cleaning your makeup brushes

Wonder why you’re always breaking out in spots and blemishes? It could be down to the makeup brushes you use. Here’s the 101 on cleaning your makeup brushes When it comes to cleaning your makeup brushes are you a once a week – or once in a blue moon (I.e. never!) kind of girl? If your brushes are more makeup then brush you know the…

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Start a new skincare routine with UXB cream cleansers | competition

Is your skin getting you down? If you don’t have a regular skincare routine your skin can start to suffer. Discover how to change this with UXB cream cleansers. Do you ever find yourself suffering from constant skin ailments like spots and skin rashes? Our skin’s health has a direct correlation with our skincare routine and if we don’t take care of it things can…

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