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Discover if Primark Ps False Lash Queen gives a False Lash effect

Putting Primark PS False Lash Queen mascara to the test If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I’ve probably tried every high street mascara trying to find ‘the one’. The one is a mascara of truly epic proportions that can give me a false lash effect without smudging, flaming or irritation. In my quest I discovered that Primark Beauty had been…

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Holiday skin preparation 101

Before you jet off on holiday you need to get your holiday skin preparation down to a tee. Discover the steps you need to take for the perfect holiday bod So you’ve packed your suitcase, your suntan lotion is on standby and your travel money is ready to go. Now you just need to get your beauty preparation in hand and you’re all ready to…

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6 hassle free ways to earn free money

Want money for next to nothing? Well I’ve discovered 6 ways you can get free money right now I bet you wouldn’t say no to free money right – I certainly wouldn’t. Well you’ll be excited to know there are many new financial companies offering new ways to bank – and they’re giving you free money for you to try it out. What are these…

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4 simple steps to get dewy skin

Getting that dewy skin is easier than ever with my simple 4 step guide! When it comes to makeup one of my most coveted beauty goals is dewy flawless skin. When your skin looks flawless and glowing you feel great and ready to take on the world. Here’s the dewy skin products I use to get dewy skin. Use a illuminating moisturiser to get dewy…

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4 strategies social media influencers can use to start making money

Discover the 4 ways social media influencers are making big money today Networks are where it is at. The social media giants understand that and so do the investors who have bought their stocks. Similarly, many companies understand that the social media influencers out there who have built up a large network of people whose opinions they can sway are incredibly useful in getting their…

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Celebrate Glitz and Glamour Makeup 10th birthday with a competition

It’s time to put your glad rags on and celebrate Glitz and Glamour Makeup reaching 10 I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally reached that big milestone – I’ve been blogging for a whole ten years. Over that time I’ve written many posts, a lot don’t quite make the mark anymore so they’ve been deleted but I still remember those early days fondly. The blogging…

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Blogging tips to help you grow and improve your blog

Avoid your blog traffic slumping- discover some of the essential blogging tips that I’ve learned over the years. This year I’ve been blogging for ten years. Can you believe it a whole decade. My blog has changed names, content, designs and themes over those years but my motto remained the same – to help others learn. Of course over a course of a decade I’ve…

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How to effectively conceal your blemishes

Spots, dark circles and redness are the worst, especially if you’ve got a big event coming up. Discover how to effectively conceal your blemishes in my latest article Blemishes, like dark circles, spots and redness are often the bane of our lives. You can almost guarantee they pop up at the worst time, like when you have an important work meeting at work. The burning…

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How to wear bold lipstick colours

Put that neutral lippie down and show the world how you can rock bold lipstick colours When you wear lipstick do you feel like you have to stick to nude or neutral shades in fear of looking over the top? Whilst it may not be something you’re used to, once you’ve grasped the basics you’ll wear a bold lipstick with pride. With the official announcement…

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Must have Summer wardrobe pieces

Is your Summer wardrobe looking a little dated? If you want something fresh and trendy this season here’s my selection of some of the best Summer wardrobe pieces to invest in. Not sure what to wear this Summer? The weathers not been to great so far, but knowing the British Summer we’re going to be guaranteed at least 2 weeks of decent summer weather. I’m…

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