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10 ways to embrace Autumn | Autumn drinks | Pumpkin picking

Don’t let the darker mornings get you down, discover 10 fabs ways you can embrace Autumn to the fullest For many the thought of longer nights and darker mornings as Autumn draws in is one of dread. After all we’re saying goodbye to balmy evenings, cocktails in the sun and fun in the swimming pool. However, Autumn has a lot more benefits then you might…

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Reverse bucket list: what I’ve achieved in 32 years

Celebrate everything you’ve achieved over the years by writing a reverse bucket list We’ve all heard of writing a bucket list; where we write down what we want to achieve before we die. However not many of us have written a reverse bucket list; where you celebrate everything you have already achieved in your life. It’s a way of realising your accomplishments and making you…

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Discover how to camouflage the worst blemishes with Covermark

Whether it’s scarring from acne or a tattoo you really want to hide, sometimes traditional foundation and concealer is not powerful enough to hide that unwanted blemish. Discover the power of Covermark cosmetics If you suffer from problem skin, you may find the best way to conceal the problem is using foundation and concealer. Whilst of course this does wonders in hiding redness, many products…

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Makeup mistakes that can age you

The makeup mistakes that you probably do without even realising can make you look a lot older than you are. Discover what mistakes you’re making and how to fix them Makeup is great to enhance your natural features and make you look like the best version of yourself. However, some makeup habits can create the opposite effect. While your makeup can and should vary for…

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16 ways to avoid boredom on a aeroplane

Avoid boredom on those long plane journeys with my foolproof list of things to keep you entertained in the air Whilst I love going abroad on holiday, the one thing that I always dread is the plane journey. Whether it’s 45 minutes or 24 hours, plane journeys can always seem pretty drawn out and boring. Obviously a long haul flight is more tedious than short…

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10 ways to entertain for free

Let’s face it – the cost of living these days isn’t cheap. In my latest post I reveal 10 ways you can entertain for free. Nowadays everything can seem so expensive. You go to the cinema and buy the tickets and some sweets and you’ve already spent the best part of £30.00. When you’re counting the pennies it can be hard to just spend money…

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The ultimate guide to the perfect birthday gift set

Not sure what to get your loved one on their birthday? Nothing makes a better gift then a birthday gift set. Discover how to find the perfect one in my latest guest post Buying a birthday gift for anyone can be a challenging prospect, mostly because you really want to get it right! This is why buying a birthday gift set, such as a fragrance…

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How to discover the right foundation for your skin type

Whether you’ve got oily skin or it’s really dry, it can be really tricky to discover the right foundation. With my latest post you’ll find the perfect foundation With the sheer range of foundations on sale it can seem impossible to find the right foundation for your skin type. Deciphering what shade or brand can be like a minefield, and you may wonder where to…

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How to make new friends as an adult

Do you feel more lonely as you get older? Have your friends drifted away? Discover 4 great ways to make new friends as an adult When you’re a child it’s so easy to make new friends. You’re constantly meeting new people at school, after school clubs and evening hobbies. As you get older however and head into adulthood, discovering how to make new friends can…

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The mystery shopping apps that help you earn up to £500 a month

Need some extra funds each month? Discover the mystery shopping apps that can help you make more money whilst doing something you love – shopping! Mystery shopping has been a way for everyday people to make money for years now. In the last few years however the advance in mobile technology meant mystery shopping was literally transformed. No longer are you restricted to lengthy paper…

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