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How I love to spend me time

how i love to spend me time

I love those moments when the weekend arrives and I know I can sit back, relax and enjoy the things I really love doing. Want to know what makes me tick? Here’s a sneak peek.

how i love to spend me time entering competitions

Entering competitions
I love the thrill of winning so entering competitions is the perfect hobby for me. I don’ t get a huge amount of time in the week but try to enter as many as I can at the weekend. Wins this year include a 55″ 4k TV, £30 boots vouchers, loads of snacks and a few other items. A totally worthwhile hobby!
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how i love to spend me time eating out

Eating out
When I can I love to eat out. Whilst I’m not a huge food connoisseur I do love american and italian food, especially Zizzi’s. I recently went to GBK Burger with my cousins and loved it – their burgers are ah-mazing. Heaven in a burger!

how i love to spend me time trying new stuff

Trying out new stuff
From new makeup to new crisps or chocolate I get really excited when I see new stuff on the shelf. I’m always looking for solutions to problems as well, so if I see a new beauty product that promises a cure to dark circles I can’t help but snap it up.

how i love to spend me time shopping

What girl doesn’t love shopping? I do like to hit the highstreet every month to see what catches my eye. I can be quite particular though and I know if I really like something I simply can’t walk away. Being a impulse buyer can be a bit annoying sometimes. I have to say I prefer online shopping mainly because you can buy what you want without having to worry about  the weight of the bags!

how i love to spend me time cinema

Going to the cinema
For me cinema is a time where I can chill out and enjoy a Tango Ice Blast (and the film of course). I’m not a massive moviegoer but if there’s something I really want to see then I have to go. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive!

how i love to spend me time reading

At the moment I have a massive pile of glossy magazines to get through so I’m majorly behind on reading the books I own. I love a good thriller and crime book and James Patterson is one of my favourite writers. My new year’s resolution this year was to read more so perhaps I’ll achieve that by the end of the year!

So that’s most of the things I do in my spare time – apart from blogging of course. What sort of things do you love to do when you have a moment to yourself? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂