Tarte Gleam Team highlighter review

tarte gleam team highlighter review

What the brand says
Tarte’s good for you Gleam Team highlighter combines the goodness of nature with a lit from within champagne highlight. Formulated with coconut, shea butter, mineral pigments, Vitamin E and glycerin this highlighter will help moisturise and care for your skin whilst giving you a fresh dewy glow.

The Lowdown
It’s not often I see a highlighter that has so many skin caring ingredients in it. The highlighter is hypoallergenic so it’s perfect for even the most sensitive of skins. It has a dual applicator with a cream and liquid consistency. Both the formulas have been designed to complement each other with a similar champagne shade. The liquid highlighter  has a tapered wand tip so you can use it effectively to highlight and strobe the skin. The liquid formula is quite thin and patchy with a sheer gold shimmer. The creamy  highlighter is a lot thicker and it’s much easier to get a consistent highlight. Both highlights are pretty pigmented but the creamy formula is a lot more intense than the liquid.

tarte gleam team highlighter swatch

Both highlighters are really light on the skin and easy to blend in. They look fairly natural however I do feel that the liquid highlight is a lot more in sync with my skin then the cream. Over time the liquid highlighter does tend to fade and can only be seen very slightly, the cream highlighter on the other hand doesn’t fade and remains quite a strong highlight.

The highlight you can achieve with Tarte highlighter is fairly basic and quite natural. It is a nice highlight but certainly something you can achieve with a product that’s probably a lot cheaper.  I do personally think the Makeup Revolution highlighters probably do just as good if a better job than the Tarte highlighter.

I give it 3/5

Grab it for £23 on Tarte


  • Dual highlighter with a cream and liquid end so you can decide on the kind of highlight you’re looking for
  • A gorgeous gold natural highlight
  • Blends in easily
  • The highlighters are highly pigmented


  • The liquid highlight does tend to fade fairly quickly and absorbs into the skin
  • The same effect can probably be achieved with a highlighter that’s a lot cheaper

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