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Mua Light Luxe Lustre highlighter duo Lavish review

mua luxe light lustre highlighter in lavish

One of the new releases in the Mua highlighter vault is Mua Luxe Light Lustre highlight duo. There are three shades in the collection; Lavish (pink and lilac), Majesty (white and gold) and Splendour (white and blue). I’ve had mixed experiences with their highlighters before and found some to be pretty amazing (MUA Undress Your Skin) whilst others didn’t fare so well (MUA Luxe Strobe and Glow). Light Lustre looks beautiful and I can instantly see how strongly pigmented the highlighters will be. For my review I’m trying out Lavish, a highlighter with a pearly pink and lilac tone.

mua luxe light lustre in lavish highlighter

When I swatched the highlighters I was instantly impressed. The intensity of the highlighters was visible instantly with a beautiful light shimmer.

mua luxe light lustre highlighter in lavish swatch

Oh my left cheek I applied the pearly pink shade. As soon as the brush touched my skin the highlight vibrancy really stood out. It doesn’t need building up in the slightest. The lavender highlight is very similar in its intensity and the highlight pigment is incredibly strong. It is buildable but I honestly don’t think you’ll need to build it up (unless you’re going for a super vibrant festival look of course!).

Both highlighters last into the evening although I do feel they have more of a glittery effect by this point.

A gorgeous set of highlighters that look beautiful when applied. The highlight is very intense even with a small amount so if you’re after a more subtle look this may not be right for you. It’s a great budget price at only £5.00 and is definitely a must have for your beauty collection.

I give it 4/5

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