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Tarte Leave Your Mark eyeshadow palette review

tarte leave your mark eyeshadow palette

What does Tarte say about Tarte Leave Your Mark eyeshadow palette?

Designed on the back of Tarte’s #kissandmakeup anti-bullying campaign, this limited edition palette is perfect for everyday looks. With shades names like Speak Up and Encourage, Tarte Leave Your Mark palette is perfect for a little morning inspiration whilst you’re doing your makeup.

The palette has been formulated with skin caring ingredients including Amazonian clay and mineral pigments to soothe and soften your skin.

The Lowdown

Tartes Leave Your Mark eyeshadow palette is like every girls dream. Seven matte and shimmer shades and a white gold highlighter come in a gorgeous lipstick kisses embossed palette. There is also a mirror which makes it easy to adjust your makeup on the go.

tarte leave your mark eyeshadow palette shades

The shades in the palette include:

tarte leave your mark eyeshadow palette swatches

The shimmery shades in the palette are super soft and so pigmented. Tarte Leave Your  Mark swatches have an incredible amount of pigment that was visible from the first swipe. Often with cheaper palettes I have to build it up to get a strong pigment, but with Tarte Leave Your Mark I didn’t need to do that. There was no breakage of the shades that I tend to see a lot with cheaper palettes as well. My favourite shades in the palette are Role Model, Encourage and Shake it Off. The matte shades are however a lot lighter and you don’t get as much colour pay off.

With the palette I decided to go for a classic smoked out gold look. Here’s how to recreate it:

1. I applied Role Model on the inner corner of my eye

2. Next I used encourage to add a bit of definition by blending it into Role Model on the middle of my lid

3. To add smokiness to the look I finished off by applying Shake It Off which gives the look a fabulous ombré finish.

When I applied the eyeshadow I didn’t get any fall out around my eyes and the shades were easy to blend together. The look lasted all day without fading and there was no caking around my eyes at the end of the day.

tarte leave your mark eyeshadow palette smokey gold look

Leave Your Marks is one eyeshadow palette that I would highly recommend. The shade are really pigmented and last all day. They’re super easy to work wiht and I didn’t need to build up the eyeshadow to get an intense finish.

I give it 4/5

Grab it for £26  here

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