Barry M Liquid Chrome highlighting drops At First Light review

barry m liquid chrome highlighter review

Barry M Liquid Chrome highlighting drops are the only tool you’ll need to get the ultimate glow. The glow drops come in 5 gorgeous shades; Precious Pearl (Pearlescent white), Beat Me Up (Light gold), Liquid Fortune (Dark gold), Moon Potion (Silver) and At First Light (Pink) The highlighter colour tones are pretty different so you could buy the whole collection and still get a different experience each time. The formula is quite thick and when swatched leaves a strong sheer highlight. The vibrancy and pigmentation of the highlighter makes me think that this could be a good budget dupe of Iconic London Illuminator.

Unlike a lot of powder based highlighters that can only be used mainly on top of your makeup- the glow drops can also be added into your foundation for an extra glow. My foundation is generally quite matte but I do love a glowy finish so I mixed a few of the drops into my foundation. The highlighter drops work at adding a glow effect by leaving a glitter effect on my skin. I’ll be honest it didn’t really make my skin look any more dewy then before and it did sit in my pores. I’m really not a fan of the caked in glitter look.

barry m liquid chrome highlighter glow drops swatch

I feel the best way to wear the glow drops is as a liquid highlighter. Only a small amount is needed to get a strong highlight and I just dabbed the product along my cheekbones. The highlight effect is quite sheer and not too heavy. The highlighter lasts all day and it doesn’t leave a glitter trail like some highlighters, even in the evening after 8 hours wear.

At £3.99 the highlighters are a great price and there is a great colour range available. Whilst I wouldn’t say it worked that well for me mixed in my foundation it gives a gorgeous glow that lasts all day when used as a highlighter. Only a small amount is required so its bound to last for ages as well.

I give it 4/5

barry m liquid chrome highlighter before and after


  • Available in 5 different shades so you can have a variety of different highlights if you buy the whole set
  • The highlighter effect lasts all day
  • You only need a tiny amount for a strong effect so the highlighter will last ages
  • Great budget price at only £3.99


  • Does not work very well when mixed within foundation and leaves skin looking like a glitter ball.

barry m liquid chrome highlighter review