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Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette in Radiance review

makeup revolution radiance palette

What the brand says
Makeup Revolution Radiance highlighter palette has been marketed as the palette that will give you radiance wherever you go. The three power highlighters have a soft and natural finish for an instant glow.

The Lowdown
I’ve been pretty impressed with Makeup Revolution’s highlighters in the past so I was expecting good things from the Radiance palette. The palette comes with a full sized mirror and three circular highlighters in beige/pink, ivory and gold. In the pan the ivory and gold highlighters look quite pigmented and sparkly especially in the light. The beige/pink shade is a lot more dense and the sparkle isn’t obvious.

makeup revolution radiance palette

I swatched the highlighters and I was disappointed to find the pigmentation had pretty much disappeared. The highlighters felt soft to the skin but appear really powdery with no distinct highlight, even on the tips of my fingers. When transferred onto my face the highlighters did have more of a effect although it was not the strongest highlight I’ve ever seen.

On my left cheek I applied the beige/pink and on the right I applied the gold shade. On my nose I applied the middle ivory shade. The highlighter finish for each shade is quite light but they do have a very subtle radiant glow. Over the day the effect fades and only a small amount of glitter remained by the evening.

makeup revolution radiance palette highlighter swatch

To be honest I was expecting a bit more when I bought this palette and I was a bit disappointed with the results. It’s quite bulky as well so perhaps not something you’d want to take when you’re on your travels. Whilst it’s not as intense as I’d like it does give a natural shimmer that easily catches the light. If you like your highlight subtle then this may be the palette for you.

wearing makeup revolution radiance highlighter palette

I give it 2/5

Get yours for £8 at Superdrug