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Seventeen Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter review

seventeen skin wow! 3 way highlighter review

What the brand says
Seventeen Skin Wow! has been designed to give your skin the ultimate pick me up. It’s been formulated to be used in three ways including as a primer, mixed in your foundation to give it a extra glow and as a highlighter.

The Lowdown
The formula of the highlighter is quite creamy and silky. A quick swatch of this highlighter really demonstrates how sparkly it really is. After blending the product in my skin literally looked like a glitter ball. The glitter is quite hard to remove even after wiping the product off and my skin was left sparkling for hours.

seventeen skin wow! 3 way highlighter swatch

The intensity of the highlighter isn’t completely visible when I applied it as a primer until I put foundation on the top. With foundation on top my skin looks very sheer and greasy. If you have oily skin, like I do on my t-zone this is definitely not the product for you as it seems to intensity the problem.

seventeen skin wow! 3 way highlighter used as a primer

I don’t normally mix highlighters in with my foundation but I’m going to give it a go to see what it looks like. The highlighter mixed in really well with my foundation and blended in quite nicely. The highlighter definitely looks better when blended into your foundation as opposed to being used on its own and it doesn’t have the same ‘oily’ effect.  I can’t say I really noticed much of a difference in the finish of the foundation except perhaps an added sheen to my skin.

seventeen skin wow! 3 way highlighter used in foundation

When applied purely as a highlighter it leaves a iridescent sheen on the skin. The effect isn’t completely obvious and you can only see it when the light is reflecting on your skin. As it does have quite a high glitter content by the evening only specks of glitter were left.

seventeen skin wow! 3 way highlighter finish

Overall I was expecting a little more from the 3 way highlighter. It doesn’t really work as a primer and whilst it looks fine mixed in with my foundation I can’t say it added all that much to my overall look. The best use would be as a highlighter if you prefer the more natural effect.

I give it 1/5

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