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10 fun things to do when you’re bored

10 fun things to do when you're bored

Whilst it most often hits on a lazy Sunday evening, boredom can strike at any time and its effects can be devastating. It can leave you feeling tired, moody and fed up with the sensation that it’ll never end. To combat boredom the best thing is to try something new or different which will enliven your senses. Here’s my top 10 things to do when I’m bored.

Create a new look
Experimenting with makeup can be really fun and it’s easy to learn a new skill with the availability of makeup tutorials. Why not use makeup you haven’t worn for ages or a new set you’ve just bought. You can even take a photo or video and share it on Facebook or Instagram. If you don’t like playing with makeup you can always try out clothes you haven’t worn for a while and create a whole new outfit.

Play a game
I have so many PC and PS3 games that I’ve barely touched it’s criminal. If you look hard enough you’ll probably find a game you haven’t tried before or even one you got half way through then gave up. If you really don’t have any you can always download free games on your smartphone!

Talk to a friend
No I don’t mean text or skype your friend. Why not ditch the technology and arrange to meet your friend for lunch or dinner. Make sure you ban all phones so you have a real chance to catch up without technology getting in the way.

Get creative
One thing that will really get your mind active  is creativity. There are so many things you can make from handmade cards to cakes and soap. The options are literally endless. Once you’re engrossed in what you’re making you’ll soon forget you were ever bored.

Have a clear out
Sitting in pretty much everyones house is a small gold mine. Why not go through all your stuff and have a clear out, sorting out stuff you regularly use and stuff you haven’t touched in months. Whether it’s DVDs, old video game systems or even mobile phones everything has a face value and you can make a pretty penny on places like Ebay and Music Magpie. Not only will you be clearing your house of stuff you don’t want but you’ll make a few pennies and clear the boredom too!

Visit somewhere new
You don’t have to pay a lot to go somewhere new, it can even be a park you’ve not explored before. Everyone loves a change of scenery and it will freshen your mind to try something you’ve never seen before.

Reading is perfect for riding on your imagination and drifting to another world. I’ve loved books since I was young and I can certainly say I’ve lost many a hour reading a real page turner. If you’re not a big reader it’s no biggie, you can read the latest glossy magazine  or even the newspaper. You’ll learn something new and  it’ll take your mind off thinking about being bored.

Adult colouring book fun
Colouring books are no longer just for kids and adult colouring books are everywhere. Colouring in is quite cathartic and you can take pride in getting the perfect combination of colours in your pictures.

Do a puzzle
Puzzles are perfect for activating your brain and really making you think. Whether it’s a crossword or a jigsaw they’ll challenge you and make you determined to get to the end.

Create a to do list
I love creating lists, they’re so easy to do and you get so much satisfaction out of ticking things off. Your list can be about anything – things you need for the home, things you need to get done, skills you want to achieve. The list is endless.

By the time you’ve got to the end of this list I hope you won’t be bored. If you are try reading it again! 😉