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Discover if Primark Ps False Lash Queen gives a False Lash effect

Putting Primark PS False Lash Queen mascara to the test

Discover if Primark Ps False Lash Queen gives a False Lash effect

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I’ve probably tried every high street mascara trying to find ‘the one’. The one is a mascara of truly epic proportions that can give me a false lash effect without smudging, flaming or irritation. In my quest I discovered that Primark Beauty had been busy making their latest creation – Primark Ps False Lash Queen mascara. The new mascara looks strangely similar to Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, from the box to the tube itself. You’ll be pleased to know however it’s a damn sight cheaper!

Primark PS False Lash Queen is marketed as a instant false lash effect mascara. It promises dramatic volume, fullness and length and you know how much I love putting makeup to the test. With 95% of testers seeing instant volume I was expecting pretty impressive results.

The mascara has a unique fibre soft brush and feels quite gentle on my lashes. The brush is tapered with longer bristles at the start that gradually get smaller towards the end of the brush. I found it pretty easy to coat all of my lashes including the smaller ones and it gave my lashes a fair amount of length and curl. There was no smudging or clumping and my lashes looked so well defined even with several layers of mascara. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it gives a true false lash effect if I’m honest as I feel it lacks volume. However it performs pretty well.

Primark PS False Lash Queen feels really comfortable to wear and leaves my lashes still feeling super soft. Over the course of the day the mascara didn’t budge and it doesn’t leave black streak marks on my face. It’s also really easy to remove which is always a plus when you’re tired and just want to go to bed.

For the added curl, lash definition and budge proof formula I give it 3/5

What did you think of the mascara? Would you say it deserves more stars? I’d love to know what you thought in the comments box. Also don’t forget to share on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook if your friends and family would love to know about this little beauty.

You can buy the mascara for £3.00 in all good Primark stores