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Where to find high end makeup dupes and perfumes

When we don’t have much money to spare we often have to miss out on buying high end makeup as they simply cost too much. That’s all changed now thanks to the budget brands who have put the affordable back into pricey makeup with high end makeup dupes and perfumes.

Where to find high end makeup dupes and perfumes

Over the past few years budget beauty has really started making waves as high end makeup dupes and perfumes started catching beauty lovers attention. When you don’t have lots of cash to spare why pine for that Too Faced Chocolate palette when you can buy it at the fraction of the cost with Makeup Revolution fabulous chocolate makeup collection. If you’ve ever wondered where to find your high end makeup dupes and perfumes you’ve come to the right post.

Where to find designer makeup and perfume dupes aldi


Apart from being loved for its cut price food, Aldi has weekly special buys where you can find lots of high end makeup dupes. They’ve created dupes of popular brands like Urban Decay, Benefit and Charlotte Tilbury across products like mascara, eyeshadow, bronzer, highlighter and more. They’re all under £10 too!

primark ps nudes eyeshadow palette shades


Primark has a great range of perfume and makeup dupes. Previous products included the Nude eyeshadow palette which was almost identical to Kim K range and their version of Too Faced chocolate palettes. They’re always coming out with new beauty products so keep checking out their new additions. You’ll also find some great Primark fragrance dupes that are well worth checking out.

Where to find high end makeup dupes and perfumes

Makeup Revolution

As I mentioned above one of Makeup Revolution most popular makeup dupes were their chocolate collection. You’ll find stunningly similar products in the form of Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipsticks (Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks), highlighters that look like Laura Mercier and shimmer bricks that could give Bobbi Brown a run for its money. I love how affordable Makeup Revolution makes it to buy my favourite products without having to fork out a fortune.

Where to find high end makeup dupes and perfumes


Like Aldi, Lidl has its own version of special buys. Their beauty collection spans mainly over the fragrance and bath sectors and has some must have buys. Recent releases include the John Frieda dupes Cien (have you seen anything look so similar!?) and perfume dupes like Lidl Aura en Rose (smells just like Lancôme La Vie Est Belle.). So when you’re next shopping in Lidl and want to treat yourself to something nice alongside your pork chops, don’t forget the middle aisle!

Have you snapped up any high end makeup dupes and perfumes you can’t put down? Let me know in the comments box below!

where to find designer makeup dupes