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Start a new skincare routine with UXB cream cleansers | competition

Is your skin getting you down? If you don’t have a regular skincare routine your skin can start to suffer. Discover how to change this with UXB cream cleansers.

Start a new skincare routine with UXB cream cleansers competition

Do you ever find yourself suffering from constant skin ailments like spots and skin rashes? Our skin’s health has a direct correlation with our skincare routine and if we don’t take care of it things can easily go south. Whether your skincare routine consists of a quick splash of water, or you always go to bed with your makeup on, it’s time to make your skin your number one focus. A good skincare routine starts with a great cleanser and UXB Skincare has recently released four new revolutionary cleansers. Here’s the lowdown on the new UXB Cream Cleansers collection.

UXB Frankincense and Argan cream cleanser

If you suffer from dry skin, you’ll love the hydrating formula of this cleanser. Enriched with a range of precious oils and fatty acids it nourishes your skin as you cleanse. Essential ingredients include Argan, avocado, Tamanu oils, sunflower oil, frankincense and coconut.

Buy it for £10.50

UXB Rosehip and Comfrey cream cleanser

When your face is a bit of everything – dry in some places and oily in others – finding a cleanser that treats everything can be a challenge. Rosehip and Comfrey cream cleanser is a revolutionary cleanser that allows you to comfortably use on dry and combination skin. Moisturising rosehip, evening primrose and sunflower oil work to rehydrate dry skin, whilst comfrey, rose water and gotu kola keep skin smooth. It will help to keep your skin soft whilst keeping oil production at a minimum.

Buy it for £10.50

UXB Brown rice milk and honey cream cleanser

When you suffer from oily and acne prone skin, you want a product that’s gentle on your skin whilst helping to treat your blemishes. You’ll love how the rice milk will nourish your skin with nutrients, whilst the raw honey helps to control bacteria through its natural antioxidants. Sea salt will help to soften and rebalance your skin whilst evening primrose oil dilutes pore blocking serum sebum.

Buy it for £10.50

UXB Juniper and Açai berry cream cleanser

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, it may start to be affected by early aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots. Pollution can also stick to our skin and cause free radicals to be released which also speeds up the aging process. UXB Juniper and Açai berry cream cleanser treats your skin by helping to remove pollutants that cause free radicals. The cleanser nourishes the skin and is non drying, perfect if you’re on holiday where you wash your face more.

Buy it for £10.50

I’m pleased to say that I’ve teamed up with UXB Skincare to give away four of the new cleansers. Our skin types can often be changed by age/ hormones so even if one cleanser doesn’t suit now, it may in the future. You could even give one to your friend so they can discover what UXB skincare is all about. To start transforming your skincare routine enter through the Rafflecopter widget below.

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The competition will run from 27th May 2019 to 27th June 2019 and will start and finish at midnight. There are four mandatory entries:

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