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Avoid dry skin in Winter with a regular winter skincare routine

How my winter skincare routine can help with dry skin

Winter can bring many challenges for skin. With cold harsh air outside and warm central heating inside it can leave skin confused and lacking hydration. My winter skincare focuses on restoring that hydration and keeping my face moisturised and healthy as possible.

How my winter skincare routine can help with dry skin nivea 1 minute urban detox mask

Nivea 1 Minute Urban Detox face mask

In winter the constant temperature change means that skin of dries out and dies a lot quicker. exfoliation therefore is more important than ever during the cold months so that dead cells can be bugged away to allow new cells to come in. The one minute detox face mask is a great way to get the benefits of a face mask without waiting for ages for it to take effect. After use my face feels soft and smooth and it feels like my skin has had a really good clean.

How my winter skincare routine can help with dry skin lancome energie de vie sleeping mask

Lancôme Energie de Vie The Sleeping Mask

The sleeping mask is a cream that transforms into a lightweight serum that melts into my skin. It’s perfect for winter as it’s full of healthy ingredients like Goji Berry, French Melissa and Gentian which help to hydrate dry skin and leave it looking plump and supple. Since I’ve started using this I’ve yet to tackle any dry patches on my face.

How my winter skincare routine can help with dry skin botanics hydration burst day cream

Botanical Hydration Burst day cream

As mentioned earlier hydration is so important and that’s why I like to have intensely hydrating creams for when I wake and when I head to bed. Botanical hydration burst gives me the moisture I need without feeling heavy and it quickly absorbs into my skin. You can find out more about the cream in my review post of the Botanics range.

What favourites have you incorporated into your winter skin care and how does it help your skin? Leave your comments down below, I love to hear your thoughts!

find out how my winter skincare routine prevents dry skin