Does the new Garnier Miracle Eye Cream really reduce wrinkles?


Garnier’s Miracle face line is one of the new talked about products that you see all over your TV and in magazines.

Now I went into Boots intending to buy the Miracle Face Cream but unfortunately I didn’t really look properly and picked up the Miracle Eye Cream. Whilst the face cream was preferred we all need to prevent crows eyes right?

The eye cream comes in attractive packaging which has quite a unique hologram effect. It claims to encompass a new unique miracle technology with the combined power of 7 anti-ageing ingredients including:

  • Pro-retinol
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B5
  • Skin-tensor Peptides
  • Argan Protein
  • ginger
  • LHA

The formula aims to awakens and illuminate your eye are and smooth the eye contour reducing any signs of fatigue. The cream is white once it comes out of the tube however once it’s rubbed in the unique micro-pigments transform into a beige shade which helps to conceal the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

I have quite dark circles around my eyes and didn’t really find the cream disguised it all that much. My eye area looked pretty much the same as before, albeit slightly lighter with the highlight of the product. Obviously the anti-ageing effect is not going to be a instant thing and the product states that over 28 days it can visibly reduce the signs of wrinkles, fine lines and loss of firmness.

For it’s immediate effects I can’t really say I’m massively overwhelmed by the product but it may redeem itself by making me look 18 again over the period of a month. We will see. I give it 2.5/5.


  • Aims to reduce the signs of ageing over 28 days
  • Has a unique formula that slightly lightens the eyes and camouflages any fine lines


  • I can’t say the instant effects really wowed me

Get yours for £12.99 at Boots