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Top tips on how to dress better

stop trying to stand out and start dressing better

Does dressing well mean that you have to stand out among others to catch their attention? If the answer is yes then it’s time to correct your approach because by trying to stand out you may commit some major fashion faux pauxs.

Yes you may get a bit of attention but often it’s negative and you don’t want that for sure! If you really want to make an impression start by improving your dressing sense. Women are often bombarded with fashion suggestions from different shows, magazines and advertisements which can make it very difficult to decide what to wear. This article will help you to dress in a way that not only looks stylish but will make others think so too.

Dress to showcase your natural features
Establish your own personal style by choosing clothes that best compliment your features. Get to know your body type and then dress to accentuate the most favorite part of your body. For example if you like your legs but you want to draw attention away from your stomach you can dress up by wearing a flowing top with shorts or tight pants. Learn to express yourself through your clothing to appear classy and stylish without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Screen your closet for unnecessary items
Screen your closet for the unnecessary items and get rid of those outfits that are outdated and you don’t wear anymore. Keeping such outfits may prevent you from trying new looks and lose out on the chance to keep up with the latest trends.

Wisely choose the colour of your clothing
The color of your outfit is very important as choosing the right one can compliment your skin tone and personality. Don’t choose a very bright outfit just to attract attention. If you do want to wear a bright colour combine it with a subtle one to create a more balanced look.

Do not over accessorise
As Coco Chanel rightly said “Get yourself fully dressed and then, before walking out of the front door, pause by the mirror and remove one item.” Always keep in mind that simplicity is the key to look stylish without looking too try-hard. Wearing too many accessories will not make you look good instead you may look overdressed and a bit daft. A pearl necklace, a ring or a cute belt is all you need to pull your outfit together in an exceptional way.

So instead of trying to stand out your aim should be to dress up in a way which will make you look and feel great. Choose clothes that define and complement your personality making you look like the best version of yourself!


Guest post by Claire Austin