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Tips for choosing earrings that will complement your face shape

Not sure whether dangly or stud earrings suit you? Follow my tips for choosing earrings that will go with the shape of your face in this handy guide

Tips for choosing earrings that will complement your face shape

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Did you know, the earrings you wear can really add to (or detract from) your overall look? Many of us make the mistake of wearing earrings that are on-trend rather than ones that will enhance our features. So with that in mind, here are my top tips for choosing earrings that will suit you, whatever your face type.

Earrings for oval shaped faces

If you’ve got an oval-shaped face, your forehead and cheekbones are the same width. Your face will also be narrow at the chin which gives it its lovely oval shape.

If this is you, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get away with almost any earring style. However, to really add to your look, try dangly oval earrings. They’ll complement the elongated look of your face, drawing even more attention to its elegance.

Earrings for round shaped faces

Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face and your jawline and forehead are quite narrow.

If you have a round face you’ll want to elongate it as much as possible. Look for long dangling earring styles that are angular and show stopping. Try to avoid hoops and large circular earrings as these will emphasise the roundness of your face.

Earrings for square shaped faces

Those with square shaped faces will find your face doesn’t narrow much between your forehead and cheekbones, cheekbones and jawline. Aim for earrings that soften your features and flatter your face.

Rounded designs are ideal here, e.g. hoop earrings that are oversized in design (see some great styles at F. Hinds for example). Ones that extend just below your jaw will work best.

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Earrings for heart shaped faces

Faces that are heart-shaped are wider at the forehead than the cheeks and the chin will taper down from the cheeks. To flatter this gorgeous face shape, look for earrings with curves and elongated lines. These will help balance your face and bring attention to your jaw, cheekbones and eyes.

Earrings for narrow faces

When your face is narrow, you’ll have a similar shape to those with square faces but your face will be longer and narrower. Opt for longer dangly, this will help minimise the elongated look of your face.

Earrings that boast elongated curves are great for softening your features and accentuating your cheekbones.

Earrings for everyone

If you’re not entirely sure what shape your face is or you’re looking for a day-to-day pair of earrings that are more practical, diamond studs are the ultimate choice. These chic earrings work with all face shapes and will add a touch of sparkle to any outfit. Plus, you can make these earrings work with all types of ensembles, from casual daytime get-ups to gorgeous show-stopping dresses!

Whilst these tips for choosing earrings will help you decide what’s best for you, don’t forget to inject some personality in your choice as well.

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