Tips on how to have a great pamper night

tips on how to have a great pamper night

With our busy schedules we all need a little me time. Whether your idea of pampering is washing your hair with a luxurious hair mask, or you prefer to go the whole hog here’s a few tips to make it perfect.

Have a relaxing bath
A lovely warm bubble bath is perfect for sinking down into and forgetting the world. Try to avoid making it too hot as that can leave you sweaty and feeling agitated.

  • Top tip no 1 – To make your bath more luxurious add a bath bomb in. Bath bombs are great fun to watch as they fizz away leaving your bath a whole array of colours from blue to green. Some bath bombs are infused with skin soothing ingredients which can leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.
  • Top tip no 2 – add a essential oil like lavender in which can help to improve your mood.
  • Top tip no 3- what could be more relaxing than a chilled out playlist of your favourite tunes to listen to whilst you’re in the bath.
  • Top tip no 4 – Turn out the lights and put lots of little tea lights around your bath. Aim to get candles that have a relaxing scent.


bath bombs are perfect for a great pamper night

Moisturise your skin

Moisturising is incredibly important, especially if you suffer a lot from dry skin.You’ll find moisturisers designed specifically for the face and body, avoid using body moisturisers on your face as the skin is a lot thinner and the chemicals used are more potent.

Wear a face mask
Once you’ve had the best bath of your life and you’re just chilling out in your PJs why not apply that face mask you’ve been meaning to try for the last 6 months.  Whether your skin’s dry or you’re trying to treat an uneven skin tone, you’ll find a mask for you that will work to alleviate the problems you’re having. Check out my post on the best face masks to suit your skin type.

a new pair of pajamas are perfect for a great pamper night

Pick the perfect pair of PJs
I don’t know about you but I love pajama shopping. Primark has the best Pjs and I love browsing the different sets available. Whether you prefer to wear a nightie or you’re a classic 2 piece kind of girl, that new set of Pjs are perfect to snuggle into.

Lie back and relax
How often do you just lie back and do nothing? You probably get your mandatory 7 hours of sleep a night but that’s a necessity. Taking time out to just kick back and do nothing is probably a rarity in your life and is perfect for just reflecting on life in general.