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Soap and Glory Fizz-a-Ball bath bombs review

soap and glory fizz a ball bath bombs review

The perfect treat to liven up a dull bath time this autumn are the new bath bomb releases from Soap and Glory.

The bath bombs aptly named Fizz-a-Ball come in three scents, the original Pink Rose and Bergamot, Sugar Crush with a Lime Zest and Smoothie Star which has a sweet vanilla scent. The new collection reminds me of the designs featured by Lush and Bomb Cosmetics and the cute star embossing really makes it stand out.

For my review I am trying out sugar Crush and Pink rose and Bergamot.

soap and glory fizz a ball sugar crush

soap and glory fizz a ball original rose and bergamot bath bomb

When I first popped Sugar Crush into my bath the colours were really vibrant but after a few seconds this faded away to a dull orange shade. Pink Rose and Bergamot didn’t have as much of an impact as Sugar Crush and the result was a lot more low-key. It tinted the water to a light pink and made the water seem a little more clean then how Sugar Crush looked after it had fizzed away. Both bath bombs left a layer of fine glitter on the bottom of the bath which added a little mystery. The glitter mixes in with the water and makes the water look really sparkly. Despite the level of glitter that was left in the bath I didn’t end up looking like I’d bathed in it (thank god as that’d be a pain to get off!). I was left with small particles of glitter on my skin but I think I can live with that. After the initial scent explosion which really was a delight to the senses, the smell faded away and I didn’t really notice it. There was no after smell either.

The colour intensity of the bath bombs were fairly low-key, the initial smell doesn’t last that long and I didn’t notice any major skin care benefits. They do look really cute though and I love the explosion of glitter that makes the bath bombs really unique. For £4.00 you’re not breaking the bank if you stash a few away for a pampering night.

I give them 2/5

Get Sugar Crush, Original Rose and Bergamot and Smoothie Star for £4.00.



soap and glory fizz a bomb bath bomb review