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Steamcream Moisturiser – Keep your skin moisturised

Before I received it in a Carmine beauty box I had never heard of Steamcream (the beauty of Carmine). It did rouse my interest, coming in a bright orange small square box with just the words steam cream on. What is this curious product?

Inside was a circular round tin in a quirky leopard skin pattern. The leaflet that came with it explained all, listing the full amount of gorgeous skin loving nutrients inside:

Just from reading the enclosed leaflet I thought I’m in for a treat – or my skin was. However I’m always a bit wary of these products full of all these amazing skin reconditioning vitamins etc, you never really know if they’re going to work. The moisturiser has a screw top lid that’s easy enough to open once you’ve removed the plastic(!)

Inside is a milky white moisturiser that looks thick and inviting. The product has a very recognisable smell of lavender which I’m not a huge fan of but once I applied it the smell diseppeared. The cream sunk really well into my skin and didn’t leave any excess product on the surface.

At the moment my skin is quite sore in places which some moisturisers can aggravate so I was a bit worried. However the next morning whilst the patches haven’t gone over night they haven’t been irritated either. I’m sure with long term use the moisturisers nutrient products will really start to show their dividends.

The tins come in a large number of patterns which you can collect and save to use as a jewellery holder, stamps, paperclips etc when the product is finished with.

Overall a decent moisturiser with no real disadvantages.