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Soap and Glory Peach Party in Apricot Jam blush brick review

If you’re looking for a blusher that combines intense pigment with a subtle shimmer, you’ll love Soap and Glory Peach Party blush brick.

As always with Soap and Glory, the fun vintage packaging really makes the blush brick stand out amongst other products on the shelves.

Soap and Glory Peach Party blush block has a range of colours varying from pale white to a dark plum.

As the blush block is really shimmery you definitely won’t need a seperate foundation. The combination of the pigment and the shimmer really makes my skin glow.

soap and glory peach party review
Each sector of the blush is a little too small to really be applied alone as it’s hard to get my brush into each individual section. The combination of colours however mean you can mix and match on which colours you want in your blush for a different look every day.

I didn’t apply any highlighter after using this blusher and felt my cheeks were really shimmery. The only thing I would say let’s it down is that the colours didn’t really blend together very well.

Overall I really liked this blusher brick, it gives my skin a amazing glow and I love how I can create lots of different blusher colours without having to buy several products.

I give it 3/5

You can buy the brick for £11.00 here

What do you think of this blusher brick? I’d love to know what you think in the comments box below.

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soap and glory peach party review


•Large range of colours mean you can create a lot of different blush looks – saving you money in the long run
•Has a intense shimmer which means you can leave your highlighter in the drawer
•Gives skin a gorgeous glow


•The colours in the blusher brick don’t seem to blend together very well, this was made worse by the intense shimmer which makes the blush stand out so much

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