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8 places you can sell unwanted makeup

Got hundreds of eyeshadow palettes you’re bored of or a foundation that really doesn’t suit you? Make a bit of extra money by selling your unwanted makeup

8 places you can sell unwanted makeup

Do you find yourself buying so much makeup every nook and cranny is bursting with every type of eyeshadow, mascara and foundation imaginable? If you’re a beauty addict it can be so hard to put down that gorgeous new palette or that delectable new metallic gold nail varnish. If you really can’t stop buying makeup why not sell your unwanted makeup – the stuff you no longer use or doesn’t suit you to make extra money. Whilst you will probably end up buying more (we’ll who could resist that ABH Soft Glam palette) you’ll at least make an attempt at putting it away in your savings. Here’s some of the best places to sell your unwanted makeup.

Facebook marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is relatively new but is a great place to sell everything from makeup to gadgets. People can send you a Facebook message if they’re interested and arrange to purchase your items through the chat. Many people recommend asking the buyer to turn up in person but I have used PayPal to buy items before. Avoid friends and family as if the seller claims they didn’t get your item you’ll have no way to dispute it.


The original Facebook marketplace. There’s hundreds of these Facebay groups set up to suit your local area. Simply place a comment stating the unwanted makeup you’ve got to sell and how much for and interested parties can comment/private message you.

8 places you can sell unwanted makeup facebook groups

Facebook groups

There are some Facebook groups that allow you to sell individual or bulk lots of unwanted makeup. Often these groups are closed and require you to request to join. Groups you can start with include All Things Makeup or Beauty and The Bloggers. Simply post a status with the items you’re selling and wait for the offers to flood in.


One of the easiest ways to sell your unwanted makeup is through eBay as you’re guaranteed access to millions of potential buyers. There are fees involved but I’ve always preferred to use this over other selling methods just because it so easy to use.

8 places you can sell unwanted makeup amazon


Another place to sell on a popular platform is Amazon. To sell an item you will need to sign up for an Amazon seller account. Don’t opt for the professional option as this will cost you money. You can choose to send the items out yourself or get them fulfilled by amazon. The latter is simpler but will require a small storage fee.


Schpock is the boot fair app which lets you sell all the stuff you’d normally put out at a boot fair. One of the main benefits of Shpock is that it’s free to list and sell items. You will only pay if you opt for extra promotion.

8 places you can sell unwanted makeup mercari


Mercari is a completely free app that allows you to list items from unwanted makeup to clothing and electronics. The only major downside is that they won’t release the funds to you until the seller is satisfied with the item and writes a review confirming this. If they don’t do this you won’t get your money hence it can be a gold mine for scammers. There’s currently a offer where you can get £2.00 credit for every friend you refer.


Gumtree has been around for years and is well known by many. It offers a primarily free service to list unwanted makeup and other items for sale. If you want extra promotion you can pay for extra services.

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8 places to sell unwanted makeup