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Tell your friends – these beauty products are worth every penny

Tell your girlfriends - these beauty products are worth every penny 4

This is definitely an era in which the beauty industry thrives on newness, and we can’t get enough of all the fabulous products that are launched week after week. While you may think that some of the concealers, contouring kits, face serums or makeup brushes are just too expensive, and not worth the cost we’re here to reassure you. Whilst it’s true that certain drugstore products will do a much better job than their high-end counterparts, today we’re going to reveal which luxury brands are actually worth the splurge. Your friends won’t want to miss this!

Tell your girlfriends - these beauty products are worth every penny 2

The concealer of your life

Dark circles are one of the biggest problems for many people today, which makes pulling off the much loved no makeup, makeup look quite difficult. Whilst some of us don’t have problematic skin and are very satisfied with our complexion, those nasty bluish spots around our eyes are the reason we reach out for tons of makeup to conceal it. Well, now you don’t have to torture yourself and cover your face with numerous products, because Bourjois City Radiance concealer is all you need to look fresh. It’ll instantly brighten the appearance of your under-eye area, making you look rested and luminous.

Dry shampoo

You think spending almost £20 is too much for a dry shampoo? Think again because IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo will perfectly de-slick your scalp, without feeling sticky and making the hair soft. It’ll also add volume to your roots and you won’t have to worry about ending up with white residue on your hair.

Natural ingredients along with charcoal help the shampoo soak up and eliminate bacteria, dirt and odours from your scalp, leaving you with flowy and clean-looking hair. If you need a quick fix because you didn’t have the time to wash your hair, a good dry shampoo will give you exactly that clean, just-got-a-blowout hair without leaving a sticky film on your scalp.

Tell your girlfriends - these beauty products are worth every penny 3

The best foundation

A long day at work, a formal event, or maybe a night out all require you to look your best. The choice of makeup is crucial at this point and only will a good foundation allow you to truly dazzle everyone around without feeling too much weight on your face. This is why splurging on a quality long-lasting foundation should be your priority, rather than an afterthought. If something is worth both the hype and the money, it’s definitely a foundation that’ll offer you good coverage and a flawless finish without irritating your skin.

Cleansing brushes

Sonic skin cleansing brushes are an absolute must in your cosmetic bag. After an entire day under countless makeup products, your face deserves to breathe and to be cleaned thoroughly. The only way to achieve that result is to invest in a cleansing face brush such as Clarisonic Mia 1 that will make your skin soft and glowing and your pores less visible. A face brush will be more effective for removing makeup, and thanks to the cell turnover, your skin will appear rejuvenated as well.

Face serums

With the au naturel skin trend rising, radiant and younger-looking skin has become more popular as well. Face serums have been proved to give amazing results, and Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is just the right example of a beauty product that will help you restore a vibrant and youthful complexion. Thanks to the 22 active botanicals, you’ll see astonishing results even after only one use.

Tell your girlfriends - these beauty products are worth every penny 1

Setting powder

If you have oily skin and you need a powder that’ll keep you from looking shiny too soon, Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder is a must buy. All you need to do is to blend it with a setting brush over your troubled area. You can go for 13 hours without showing any signs of oily skin with this wonderful powder. Whether you have dry skin and an oily T-zone or combination skin, the setting powder will be a lifesaver thanks to its sheer and lightweight formula. Dry skin may make setting powder appear too matte but this formula will blend down to virtually nothing, locking your makeup without creasing or making you look ill.

Final thoughts

Money can’t buy beauty, but it sure can get you a whole bunch of beauty products, which is basically the same thing. So, grab your wallet, call your friends and shop ’till you drop, because you definitely need all of these products in your cosmetic bag. Nothing shines brighter than healthy-looking skin, so don’t hesitate a second and invest in these luxury products to give your skin the best possible care.

Guest post by Ami-Mia Goldsmith

tell your girl friends beauty products that are worth every penny