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5 easy ways to declutter your makeup bag

5 easy ways to declutter your makeup bag 1

Spring is the perfect time to declutter the house, your finances and most importantly your makeup bag. Whether it’s mascara past it’s sell by date or a eyeshadow you’ve not touched in 2 months here’s 10 ways you can declutter your makeup bag.

If you don’t use it, bin it

Have you ever saw a makeup product that looked so amazing in the shop you had to buy it, but in reality it doesn’t really suit you? Whilst you may be keeping it in the hope that one day it’ll become your goto product, chances are it’ll probably stay untouched gathering dust. The unwritten rule if you don’t love it sell it, bin it or give it to a friend.

Got too many of everything?

Whilst you may have enough eyeshadow palettes to fill your spare room or more mascaras then you can count, if you love it you should use it. Perhaps you could set up a schedule where you try a new product each day.

5 easy ways to declutter your makeup bag

Throw out old products

Makeup products, especially lip or eye products, harbour bacteria and should only be kept for around 6 months. If you leave them longer the formulas will start to dry out and lost their effectiveness. Excess bacteria can also lead to potential eye infections and skin blemishes. Just as you wouldn’t put month old milk in your body, don’t put bacteria ridden makeup on your face.

Hoarder of free samples?

Do you stash those little shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels or the little perfume samples you get in magazines? You may keep them in the hopes they’ll come in handy one day but chances are if you didn’t use them when you first got them you probably won’t. If you don’t use them chuck them away.

Avoid buying any makeup for a month

Think you’re up for the challenge? By avoiding buying any new makeup for a month you will have no choice but to use the products you already have. You’ll discover products you haven’t used for ages and you’ll be saving money. What could sound better!

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