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Rimmel Glam Eyes Brixton Brown is perfect for a office look

Rimmel Glam Eyes Brixton Brown eyeshadow palette is perfect for when you want to impress at work

Rimmel Glam Eyes Brixton Brown is a 5 colour eyeshadow palette with a selection of dark earthy shades.

Having tried Rimmel Glam Eyes HD quad in Golden Eye I was expecting a lot from this palette in terms of pigmentation and intensity.

When swatched only shade 1 and 4 have any real pigmentation and shimmer whilst the other 3 shades appear to be very dark and matte.

I felt shade 1 was very difficult to apply and even after reapplying several times it still appears quite sheer, I do love the shimmery finish though. The colours don’t blend together very well and if it wasn’t for shade 4 lighting the area up the overall effect would be very dark.

For those who like matte eyeshadows this is the perfect eyeshadow palette for you, with predominantly matte shades and very little shimmer. If however you prefer your eyeshadow to be light reflecting and eye catching, Rimmel Glam Eyes Golden Eye is probably the better option.

I think the look I created with Brixon Brow will be perfect for work as it’s quite neutral and not too overpowering.

I give it 2/5

Currently on offer for £6.95

What do you think of Rimmel Glam Eyes Brixton Brown? As always I’d love to hear your thoughts – drop me a line in the comments box below.

rimmel glam eyes brixton brown review



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