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Discover how to earn up to £200 by sharing your opinion in focus groups

Focus groups are a fantastic quick easy way to earn money. Discover how you can start earning big with paid market research

Discover how to earn up to £200 by sharing your opinion

Whilst there are many ways to earn money on the side with things like money making apps and surveys, it can take a while to earn a decent amount. The best way to earn a large amount in a short space of time is to take part in focus groups. Focus groups are like extended surveys but pay a hell of a lot better. You can be invited to a focus group that has several members attending or it could be just you giving your opinions in a one to one interview.

The topics the researches are based on vary massively and can be anything from electric cars to the supermarkets you shop in or the food you eat. Focus groups typically last around 1-2 hours but can be longer based on what’s required. For example I recently did a research that took 4 hours. Refreshments are supplied and they’re very chilled out so you don’t need to worry about a pressurised environment. Payments start from £40-£200 based on who the researchers are looking for, the time the group takes to complete etc. For example a group looking for doctors will be higher paid as they’re less likely to find the right people. Most of the groups are held in London but a few are available in other major cities. Even if you work full time you can still take part as many groups are held in the evening or at the weekend, some are even online. Here’s a list of some of the best paid online focus groups to sign up to.


Latest projects from QMR including groups on pregnancy, internet security, small business owners and blue collar workers. As you can see they’re all pretty varied. The majority of the groups are in London but there are one or two where the researchers come to your own home.

Visit QMR to sign up

Bright Research

Current topics including male grooming, fleet managers, directors and botox and filler professionals. Most of the researches are in London.

Visit Bright Research to sign up


People4u previously did researches on topics like snacking, online research and oral hygiene. I haven’t heard anything from them for a while but their website suggests they’re still active.

Visit People4u to sign up

Focus 4 people

Focus 4 People are currently doing researches on Facebook, cars, insurance and mortgages. To apply for the groups you need to register and submit your application online. They will email you to let you know what’s available.

Visit Focus 4 People to sign up

Ipoint market research

Current topics include cars, current tv habits, footballers and businesses. Some of the researches are very well paid.

Visit Ipoint Market Research to sign up.

Focus groups UK

They’re currently on the look out for people to fill groups around the following topics; landlords and smartphones.

Visit Focus Groups UK to sign up

Market Research 4 u

Not the best paying but they have plenty of researches to take part in. Recent topics include food, business user testing and brain imaging.

Visit Market Research 4 u to sign up

Whilst you may not be picked for every group you apply for, keep applying to paid research studies as it’s a great little earner which you can do in your spare time.

earn £200 for giving your opinion in focus groups