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Rimmel Wonder Wing eyeliner review

rimmel wonder wing eyeliner review
What the brand says

Want to become a expert at creating eyeliner flicks? Rimmel new innovative Wonder Wing eyeliner has been designed with a unique Tool to create the eyeliner flick so you don’t have to.

The lowdown

The eyeliner has a felt tip nib in the shape of a angular triangle. The formula has just the right consistency- not too wet and not too dry and the colour easily transferred onto my lid. I tend to work best with very thin eyeliners so the slight added thickness of this liner made it a little trickier to get a consistent line.

rimmel wonder wing eyeliner swatch

For those that find it hard to do looks like cat eyes the eyeliner has been designed to make it a lot easier to master. It’s unique design feature is a flat stamp ridge in which you can print a flick after you’ve drawn on your line. The stamp is a lot harder to use then Rimmel makes out – it’s not a case of stamp and go. To get a accurate flick that’s not too thick or misshapen you effectively have to stamp and twist the pen whilst doing so. It takes a little while to get used to and even after doing it a number of times it still came out incorrectly on occasions. When it did come out correctly it produced a nice cat eye flick. If you have the time and patience to stick with it you may find it a really good eyeliner to use.

The eyeliner tended to last quite well on the main part of my eye but near my outer lashes it had started to fade and smudge slightly. Whilst it’s not waterproof I wear a lot of other liners that are also not waterproof but they don’t smudge.

I have to say this is probably not one of the best eyeliners I have ever used as it does tend to smudge and the unique stamp flick which obviously is it’s main selling point is a little too chunky to work effectively. In all honesty the £1 eyeliner from Poundland will give you better results.

I give it 3/5

before and after rimmel wonder wing eyeliner



rimmel wonder wing eyeliner review