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Richard Marques Strong Teeth Whitening toothpaste review

richard marques strong teeth whitening toothpaste review

Celebrity to the stars Richard Marques designed an exclusive whitening toothpaste that is supposed to whiten your teeth up to 10 shades whiter within 2-3 weeks.

Made in the USA the paste has been formulated with completely natural ingredients including Calcium Carbonate and Silica.

Whilst the toothpaste claims a dramatic whitening effect in just 2-3 weeks I did find that I wasn’t always using it exclusively for that specific time. As a result I extended the test to last a number of months until I had completely used up the toothpaste.

So let’s have a quick recap to May. The toothpaste resembled your typical high street toothpaste and has a pleasant peppermint taste The major difference I noticed is that the paste doesn’t really foam so you did end up having to use more product for a good clean. Richard Marque’s recommends that you continue to use your existing toothpaste in addition to the whitening product, I was thinking maybe that’s because it lacked the protecting agents a typical toothpaste contains.

So did it whiten my teeth?

richard marques strong teeth whitening toothpaste review

When I was testing the toothpaste I noticed my teeth were a little brighter but they didn’t seem much whiter. When I look back at the before and after photos however I do see a massive difference in brightness and whiteness. There’s always going to be a slight difference in terms of the lighting which can affect results but overall I have to say I’m pretty impressed.

I give it 4/5

You can buy the toothpaste for £15 at Wimpole Street Dental

before and after richard marques strong teeth whitening toothpaste