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Get your teeth glowing with White Glo Night and Day Toothpaste

It can be frustrating seeing images of celebrities with glowing white teeth but you have to remember they’ve paid thousands of pounds for that million dollar smile.

There are many ways you can help your smile shine again and it doesn’t involve having to pay hundreds for a tooth whitening procedure at the dentist.

White Glo 24 Hour Toothpaste is a revolutionary new tooth product that will change the wy you brush your teeth. Each product is designed to meet the massively different oral care needs during the day and night in order to provide 24 hour protection.

The day toothpaste adds shine to tooth enamel and helps to repel stains form food and drinks. It has a unique micro wax protective shield which gives an extra shield to your tooth’s enamel. The night gel is formulated with Green Tea a super antioxidant  and revitalises the mouth to help reduce morning breath.

The set comes with a special flosser toothbrush so you can get between your teeth and gums with ease.

Each product looks different with a blue gel for night and a typical white paste for the day. The day toothpaste has a smell that reminds me of the dentist but it does has a pretty normal mint taste. The toothbrush was so comfortable unlike new toothbrushes which can often feel really scratchy on your gums. The bristles are really soft and have extra filament that helps reach right in-between your teeth to remove any plaque. The night gel I have to say had a rather unpleasant taste that was more of a chemical mint. After brushing my teeth look and feel so polished like I’ve buffed them to make them shine. My mouth did feel a bit tight after using the night gel and quite hot like it was burning on one part of my mouth. I can’t say there was a instant tooth whitening effect but my teeth definitely did shine.

Get yours for £3.99 at Amazon

 Sorry the after picture is a bit rubbish but you can still see the shine.



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