Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Gold toothpaste results


beverly hills formula perfect white gold toothpaste results

So just over a month ago I started testing the new Beverly Hills Perfect White Gold toothpaste. The new toothpaste claimed to whiten teeth by using a unique formula that contained active gold particles. Whilst this was never going to give me a Hollywood smile I was hoping it would perhaps help my teeth go at least one shade lighter.

So how did it fare? It’s hard to tell really if my teeth appear any whiter but I would definitely say they appear a lot brighter in the after photo. When I was trialling the toothpaste I found it was really pleasant to use, especially considering some of the after effects of other whitening products. It has a really nice minty taste that doesn’t leave a nasty after taste and leaves my teeth feeling clean. My only real issue was that it disappeared really quickly and didn’t have much of a foam so you have to keep applying more paste for a really effective clean.

I feel that the toothpaste is great for brightening your teeth but I wouldn’t say it really whitens them at all.

before and after beverly hills formula perfect white gold toothpaste

I give it 3/5

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  • Tastes really nice
  • No nasty after effects
  • Brightens teeth


  • Doesn’t really foam so you end up using more product and using the toothpaste up a lot more quickly.
  • Doesn’t really whiten teeth