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Quickies Eye Makeup Remover Pads Review

The Hype
Quickies have launched brand new resealable eye makeup remover pads that are designed to suit even the most sensitive skin. The pads are enriched with flower extract and moisturising oil to help soothe and cleanse the sensitive eye area. The formula is fragrance and colour free but is still versatile enough to remove even the most stubborn and long lasting makeup, including waterproof mascara.

The new product is just one of a large range that includes anti-bacterial wipes, deodorant wipes and hand and nail cleansing wipes.

The Lowdown
This colourful little pack is really small and quite slim so it’s easy to slip into the corner of your bag. Each pad is very moisturised and is just the right size to cover each eye.

When removing my makeup I wiped the pad over my eyes and tried to avoid the temptation to rub which can get the makeup off quicker. The pad does remove the makeup although it does take a little while and I had to use two pads to fully remove everything. With only 30 pads in the packet you may find they run out pretty quickly. When using the product I didn’t suffer any irritation or soreness, which is always a plus for sensitive skin.

The makeup remover pads are super easy to use and store but won’t last that long and it may get expensive having to constantly restore them.

I give them 3/5