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How to discover the right foundation for your skin type

Whether you’ve got oily skin or it’s really dry, it can be really tricky to discover the right foundation. With my latest post you’ll find the perfect foundation

how to discover the right foundation for your skin type

With the sheer range of foundations on sale it can seem impossible to find the right foundation for your skin type. Deciphering what shade or brand can be like a minefield, and you may wonder where to start. My latest post will help you work out is right for you based on the type of skin you have, your age and the look you want. Whether you’re a makeup beginner or you just want to try something new, you’ll discover the right foundation in no time.

How to discover the right foundation for your skin type

The type of skin you have – whether it’s oily or mature – plays a big part in the foundation you choose. Here’s some ideas on the kind of foundation you should look for.

Got oily skin? Discover the right foundation for you

If your skin is oily you will want to avoid oil based foundations, look for one that is lightweight and more matte. You don’t want anything too heavy as it will sit in your pores clogging them up which can result in more spots and blemishes. Why not try Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation (£5.99)

Older skin requires a slightly different tactic

Older skin tends to have more wrinkles and fine lines so try to resist using powder foundations as they can sit in your fine lines, emphasising them. A lightweight liquid foundation with anti aging properties will help you to keep looking younger for longer. L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Anti-ageing foundation (£12.99) is perfect for older skin.

Take care of sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin you may find normal foundations irritate and inflame your skin. Look for a foundation that has been specially made to be hypoallergenic as they are designed especially for sensitive skin. Bareminerals Barepro 24 hour full coverage liquid foundation (£31.00) is perfect.

Use a foundation with SPF

With the dangers of the sun’s rays drilled into us at every moment, it’s shocking how some foundations still lack SPF. If you want your skin to be fully protected look for a foundation that specifically contains this, those without it will not protect your skin. Buy Benefit Hello Flawless Liquid foundation SPF 25 (£30.00).

Got dry skin?

If you have dry skin you may find that normal foundations sit on top of the dry patches and ruin the flawless effect you’re trying to achieve. Look for a foundation that has a liquid or creamy consistency as these will help nourish and hydrate your skin.

Is your skin normal?

Firstly lucky you, it feels great not to have to worry about dealing with oiliness, dry skin or fine lines. Good skin doesn’t need too much help, so look for a lightweight foundation that can conceal small blemishes. You could even get away with a BB or CC cream if you don’t want to wear a full foundation. Benefit Big Easy BB cream SPF 35 (£31.00) is a great one to go for.

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Figure out your shade

Once you’ve got the type of foundation figured out, you’ll want to establish the right shade for you. A lot of this is based on your colouring as you’ll want to compliment your complexion.

Are you cool or warm toned?

Have a look at the veins on your wrist – are they blue or green? The colour of your veins helps you establish what your skin undertone is. Foundations can be warm, cool or neutral and choosing the right one to suit your skin undertone will be the difference from looking orange to glowing.

Picking the right undertone will help you discover the right foundation

So you’ve established your skin undertone, now you’ve just got to pick the foundation that will suit you best. Most foundations will have products available in light, medium and dark. Each of those shade ranges will then have a number of foundations that have slightly different tones. For example if you have cool undertones you’ll want to pick a light foundation with slightly pink tones. This will help balance out your skin tone.

Stop press – Have you changed your hair colour recently?

If you’ve recently changed your hair colour, the foundation you’ve selected for your skin undertone may not work anymore.

find out the right foundation for you

Try it out first

If you’re still not sure whether the foundation you want is right for you, the best way to work it out is to try it on. Many department stores will be happy to show you how a foundation looks on your skin and will give you a small sample to take away.

You could even try booking an appointment with a makeup artist if you want to try a completely different look. Make them aware of any allergies or sensitivities you may have before they start. You could even show them some foundations you’ve seen in magazines to see if they have it so you can see what they look like on. You could ask for any tips or tricks they have and the best way to manage your makeup routine.

Important things to remember to help you discover the right foundation

Adapt your foundation for different events and situations

No one day is going to be the same and that means you should adapt your makeup to suit what you have got planned.

I hope these tips help you discover the right foundation for you. If you love the post don’t forget to share it on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook!

discover the right foundation for your skin type