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Super Facialist Pure Sensitive Skin Recovery day cream review

super facialist pure sensitive skin recovery day cream

With Summer here it’s time to say goodbye to the thick heavy moisturiser I used in winter and welcome a lighter more hydrating product.

Super Facialist Day Cream has been designed with innovative probiotic technology and skin soothing natural ingredients to balance and restore skin that is stressed and crying out for hydration.

If you struggle with a lot of blemishes you may find that you overtreat your skin causing it to become dry and tight as the moisture depletes. Super Facialist has a innovative formula that encaptures Shea butter, arnica, aloe Vera, peptides and a bioactive milk base to add comfort to skin and restore its natural moisture, radiance and overall balance.

super facialist pure sensitive skin recovery day cream

Before Superfacialist I was using Astral face and body moisturiser (£3.89) which is a very thick, almost greasy cream. Whilst I was initially impressed after a while I started to get a little fed up with the sticky feeling it left on my face. Super Facialist on the other hand is a breath of fresh air. It’s a white cream with a serum consistency. It feels light on my skin and leaves it feeling really fresh – perfect for those hot muggy nights that summer brings. The cream is absorbed into my skin after just a couple of minutes and it doesn’t leave any sort of residue.

Up until recently I had quite a bit of dry skin around my hairline that nothing seemed to reduce. Coincidence or not ever since I started using my new moisturiser the dryness appears to have gone.

The perfect moisturiser for giving a bit of love back to your skin and massively reducing the appearance of dry skin.

I give it 4/5

Buy it now for £9.99

super facialist pure sensitive day cream before and after

Have you tried Super Facialist? Were you impressed or do you think it didn’t really live up to it’s claims? Do let me know what you think in the comment box below.



reinvent your summer skincare routine with super facialist skin recovery day cream