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MUA Pixel Perfect Multi Blush Pink Blossom review

mua pixel perfect multi blush pink blossom review

What the brand says
Summer brings sun (well sometimes), longer days, holidays and lots of exciting new makeup products.

MUA’s latest release is no exception with the unveiling of their new Pixel Perfect Multi blush. The powder blush is available in four shades; Cherry Charm, Coral Spice, Peach Bloom and Pink Blossom. Depending on whether you want a light flush or darker glow there is quite a lot of variety in the available shades.

The Lowdown
For the purpose of the review I am testing Pink Blossom. It has a rich colour spectrum, with a mixture of blue, dark pink, light pink, peachy  gold and silver combined to create a unique effect. Throughout the whole blush there is a subtle shimmer running through it. With so many different colours I’m curious to the kind of finish I’ll get, especially as I wouldn’t say all of these colours are what you’d normally expect in a blusher.

The effect of this blusher is very very light and it did take quite a few swipes to get the effect I wanted. The finish is a very natural glow that looks barely there. Surprisingly despite the addition of blue in the colour spectrum the result is a warm flush, you don’t need to worry about looking blue!

A good product if you’re going for the natural look.

I give it 4/5

Get it for £3 at Superdrug   here