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MUA Burning Embers eyeshadow palette

mua burning embers palette

What the brand says

MUA Burning Embers palette has been created with 25 matte and pearl shades that are adaptable enough to suit all skin tones. The shades in the palette have been designed to harmonise and complement each other, so a range of different looks can be created without having to worry about not having the right colour available. With a mixture of different tones and textures the palette is perfect for adding dimension and depth to your look.

mua burning embers palette shades

The Lowdown

The eyeshadow is quite crumbly, especially the matte shadows. After one use the eyeshadow pans of some of the shades were quite messy so  I can’t see that this will be the most long lasting palette. Most of the matte shades had a decent amount of pigment in, although there were a few of course that were very faint and hardly noticeable at all (number 1, 4 and 6). The shimmery shades are lovely and I especially love how strong and intense the last 5 shades are (20 to 25)

mua burning embers palette swatch

When I was trying out the palette I decided to go for two looks – one using the pink shades and one using gold, brown and dark purple. If you want to recreate the looks here’s what you need to do:

Pink Inspiration

1. I started off by applying the matte coral pink all over my lids
2. The shimmery mid pink was applied to the inner 1/3 of my eye
3. I added a touch of contrast to the look by applying the dark purple shade to the  outer 2/3 of my eye

mua burning embers palette pink inspiration look

Gold Splendour

1. I began by applying the dark gold shade to the inner 1/3 of my eye.
2. I blended the light brown onto the outer 2/3.
3. To add more smokiness to the look  I applied the dark brown to the corners and blended it out.

mua burning embers palette gold splendour look

The shades were pretty easy to blend together although I did notice a little bit of fall out around my eyes when applying.

I did notice a few of the shades are actually a different colour on the skin then they are in the pan. A prime example of this would be number 21 which appears to be a plum shade in the pan; whilst on it is a lot more pink. The light brown which I applied in Gold Splendour is actually more purple/pink then brown.

I found that some of the shades lasted all day without losing any colour intensity whilst others started to crease almost straight away. I wouldn’t say I have overly oily skin on my eyes so I found this a bit odd, especially as both looks were created using shimmery eyeshadows.

Overall my feelings about this palette are mixed. Whilst some of the shades work really well and others don’t. Whilst I’m not sure the entire palette really works, there’s certainly some winners and it’s great for creating so many different looks to suit day or night. On the downside the eyeshadow is crumbly, it starts to crease after a few hours and some of the shades and the colours aren’t what they appear to be. Whilst the latter is not a major issue, if you were expecting one thing and get another you might be a bit annoyed. For the money you’re not losing too much but just be aware it’s a little hit and miss.

I give it 3/5

Grab it for £8.00