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MUA Elysium Elements Review

mua elysium elements

What the brand says
MUA Elysium Elements is a 10 shade palette with a range of rich jewelled tones. The shades have been designed so they can be worn alone or layered to create a different look. The dual end black/brown eye pencil is perfect for adding further definition for a stronger or more of a statement look. It’s currently available in two palettes with different shades.

The Lowdown
There’s nothing I like more in a eyeshadow palette then shades with a rich pigmentation. I used to buy matte eyeshadows but over time I’ve found shimmery shades look so much prettier (and sparkly). The 10 shade palette has 2 matte shades and 8 pigmented tones. The palette has a lot of pinks/purples in which I don’t wear a huge amount of, however with Spring in full swing pastel like shades are in fashion. Whilst the majority of the shades are all quite similar MUA has thrown in a black, khaki/gold and a silver which looks slightly out of place. I wouldn’t say this matters much however as the silver can easily be worn with the black or khaki/gold for a different look.

It doesn’t have a mirror or a eyeshadow brush which is a little unusual for a large palette and means you have to take your own accessories if you want to apply whilst on the move.

mua elysium elements swatch

Asides from the matte shade, pretty much every colour in the palette has a lot of pigment.Those with the strongest pigmentation are probably the khaki (2), silver (7) and the dark brown (9). I would use most of the shades apart from the black as it’s a little bit strong for the kind of looks I go for.

For the look I went for I used the pink/purple tones. The shades blended really well and there was a small amount of fall out but not a lot. The pigmentation transfers well on application and by evening the eyeshadow was still as vivid as it was when freshly applied. The eyeliner as shown in the swatch was actually a lot stronger then I thought, and I didn’t even need to press hard to get that effect. It was a little tough when I tried to apply above my top lashes but that may be due to it being a pencil. Most of the pencil was still there in the evening.

To create the look here’s what to do:
1. Apply number 4 in the inner corner of the eye
2. Apply number 3 on the outer edge of the eye
3. Blend the two shades together
4. Finally use number 3 on the outer corner of the eye for a smokey effect

MUA Elysium Elements is a really versatile palette with the potential to create lots of different looks. The shades are easy to blend and pretty much all of them have great pigmentation. What’s better is that it’s only £6!

I give it 4/5

mua elysium elements on

Get it for £6 at MUA Store or in Superdrug stores