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Lottie London The Rose Golds eyeshadow palette review

lottie london rose gold eyeshadow palette review

What the brand says
Lottie London The Rose Golds is the perfect palette for taking your look from day to night. It has been designed with super smooth shades to create everything from a natural daytime look to a glamorous smokey eye.

The Lowdown
Lottie London is a fairly new brand to me and after trying their rainbow highlighter I was keen to try more from the brand.

lottie london rose gold eyeshadow palette shades

The Rose Gold palette has 12 shades, 9 have a shimmery finish whilst 3 are matte. Despite being named Rose Gold, there’s probably only half of the palette that fits in with this theme, the rest of the shades in the palette are a lot more nude.

lottie london rose gold eyeshadow palette swatch

When swatched I found that most of the shades had quite a lot of pigment in (the pictures don’t do them justice). The first 6 shades have a gorgeous delicate shimmer and I especially love shades 3 and 4. The matte shades are incredibly soft but ever so crumbly and after only a few uses I’ve already lost a fair amount of product. If I pressed hard on the shimmery shades I found they crumbled quite easily too. Number 7 is very dark and almost looks black; but it’s actually a dark violet shade with glitter running through it. The unique colouring seems to get lost in translation though which is a shame.

Using the palette I used two sets of colours to create Pink Petal and Divided Intentions. If you want to recreate these looks here’s what you need to do:

lottie london rose gold eyeshadow palette look pink petal

Pink Petal
Pink Petal is a really subtle look with a gorgeous shimmery finish.

1.  I applied the light dusty pink (1) to the inner 1/3 of my eye
2. To add a bit more definition and contrast to the look I blended in the dark pink (3) to the outer 2/3 of my eye and swept it up into the crease

lottie london rose gold eyeshadow palette look divided intentions

Divided Intentions
Divided Intentions is a lot darker then Pink Petal and I used a mixture of gold and brown shades to create the look.

1. The dark gold shade (4) is perfect for adding a bit of brightness to the look. I applied this on inner 1/3 of my eye
2. Next I blended in the dark brown (11) to the outer 2/3 of my eye
3. To add a little more drama I applied the violet shade (7) to the outer corner

I founded that the shimmery shades blended easily and the colour selections that I used went well together. The eyeshadows were really long lasting and didn’t crease or cake all around my eyes. By the evening the look hadn’t really faded much.

Overall a lovely palette with a good range of shimmery and matte shades. The shades have a decent amount of pigment in and they’re not too light or too intense. Some of the shades are quite crumbly so the palette might not last that long if you’re not careful. The palette is perfect for a casual summer’s day, wearing out with friends or to the shops.

I give it 4/5

Grab it for £9.95 at Superdrug