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10 things that annoy me

10 things that annoy me

I’m generally quite a complacent person but when something annoy me it really annoys me. Whilst there’s more then 10 things I find annoying in life, I wouldn’t want to bore you all day. Here’s my round up of the 10 top things that annoy me the most.

1 . Queues
They say you’ll spend at least 6 months of your life queuing and I don’t doubt that for a second. I absolutely detest it. Hell I’ll even avoid theme parks in the summer as the thought of waiting 2 hours for a 1 minute ride is my worst nightmare.

2. People who stop dead in front of you
So you’re walking along quite happily and then boom you walk into the back of the person who’s just decided to stop in the middle of the pavement. It happens mostly in London but you’ll also find such people in most public vicinities. If i’m planning on stopping I’ll head to the side where I won’t bother anyone, common courtesy people!

3. Searching for my Oyster card
Everytime I go on the tube my Oyster cards seems to hide somewhere in my bag. It doesn’t matter how small the bag is it will envelop itself in a magazine or a pocket somewhere. It would probably be better if I put it in my purse but I never learn.

4. Ice on my windscreen
This is only really a winter issue but it’s such a pain in the backside. I never leave extra time to clear my windscreen and then get annoyed when I’m running a little late.

5. People who try to read over your shoulder
You always know when they’re doing it as you can just ‘feel’ their presence. It’s quite annoying and intrusive of my personal space.

6. Tailgaters
There’s nothing that annoys me more than a car zooming right up behind you then sitting flashing their lights so you’ll move over. Sometimes I like to sit there and wait till I need to move over before changing lanes just to annoy them more.

7 . People eating with their mouth open
It’s pretty gross – do I really want to see what you’re eating?

8. Noisy eaters
Another thing that makes me cringe is hearing people sound like they’ve morphed into a couple of pigs. Sadly my family are some of the worst offenders :-<

9. People who drive under the speed limit
You’ll always find those drivers who will bumble along like they’re out for a Sunday morning drive. Admittedly I’m one of those who tends to go a little over the speed limit so it frustrates me no end to sit behind someone doing 30 in a 60. Yes it happens, even on the motorway sometimes!

10. Brown Nosers
I know a fair few of these individuals who believe the way to prosper in life is to suck up to those above them. It’s quite transparent and really does show how low they can stoop.

What things annoy you most in life?