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The photo and video apps that make blogging easier

Make your blogging life easier with 3 must have video and photos apps

The photo and video apps that make blogging easier

We all know that taking photos and videos is pretty much part and parcel of the blogging world. When it comes to choosing the right photo editor and video apps I want something that’s easy to use and gets the job done quickly. Discover 3 of my favourite apps that make my life so much easier.

The photo and video apps that make blogging easier photo collage

Photo Collage

When using Instagram sometimes I like to show before and after or incorporate side by side pictures to properly show off what a beauty product can do. Without Photo Collage it would be very difficult to do this as Instagram doesn’t have this option on the app.

The photo and video apps that make blogging easier choice of images

A choice of designs to make blogging more fun

Depending on how you want to display your images there is the option of classic or stylish templates. Classic templates offers the standard designs you’d expect to see on most imagery sites whilst stylish is a lot more zany featuring unique geographical designs. There are four pages of templates to select from for both classic and stylish sections.

The photo and video apps that make blogging easier customisation


You can customise your images with photo frames, text, shapes, background imagery and stickers. Once you’re happy with your image you can save it to your phone in either normal, medium or large format.

Pros and cons

The app is free and really easy to use so is great to use when you’re blogging. However to make it free it has really annoying pop up ads, some of which are timed before you can close them down. If you can put up with that it’s worth a try!

Download it here

The photo and video apps that make blogging easier rfv


Ever recorded a video and then realised it’s the wrong way around? It can be incredibly frustrating, especially as if you upload it like that to YouTube your viewers will have to crane their neck to see what’s going on – not the best audience experience! Whilst there are quite a few video rotation videos available I find they often leave this huge black bars all around your videos which looks terrible. Rfv is an amazingly easy to use rotation app that can turn any video without losing any quality in seconds.

rfv how to rotate

How to use when you’re blogging

Simply click on the video icon button at the bottom of the screen to bring up your clips. Click on the one you want and it will give you the option to rotate the video. Once you’ve rotated it click save and it will go straight into your images. I love Rfv as it lets me rotate videos without affecting the quality in anyway, it looks exactly as it did when it was first recorded.

Pros and cons

The app is free and makes its money from ads. It’s fairly basic looking but does the job quickly and really well. You do get a few pop up ads, especially after saving the video but I wouldn’t say it was too excessive. A great little addition to the apps you use when blogging.

Download it here

The photo and video apps that make blogging easier splice


If you want a video editing app with great video and audio features Splice is a must download. I’ve tried video editing apps before that cut off half your image and place a unwelcome watercolour logo all over your footage. I’m sure you have experienced this and know how annoying it can be. I can get full screen coverage with Splice and the editing features are so simple even the most technologically challenged person can get to grips with it.

splice projects

Getting started

Once the app has loaded you’ll be presented with previous projects you’ve created. You can edit one of those or click the plus to upload new videos and photos.

Editing in Splice

splice adding in clips

Once you’ve got your videos in place you can move them around by touching the video and sliding it to a new position.

splice  transitions

Transitions are marked as the 4 mini triangles between each video and are placed automatically. You can click on the triangles to change the type of transition.

splice add in videos

To add more videos click on a clip and then the plus sign before or after depending on where you want it.

audio splice app


Splice has a pretty advanced free audio library. It features music from various genres like classic, cinematic, popular music, jazz and blues in addition to sound effects. You can also add in your own music from iTunes. Bear in mind some of the music has copyright attached if you’re uploading the videos to YouTube.

Pros and cons

There’s very little I can find wrong with this app. It’s very easy to use, has great features and it doesn’t ruin my videos by placing a obvious watermark logo all over my clips. It does put a small logo at the end of the videos but I think I can live with that! I didn’t notice any advertising either. If you need a new video editing app you definitely need to download Splice.

Download it here

3 photo and video apps that make blogging easier