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Blogging tips from the pros: learn how to get more traffic to your blog

blogging tips from the pros how to increase traffic to your blog

Struggling with getting traffic to your blog? Learn how you can get more traffic from the blogging pros

One of the major problems that many bloggers struggle with is how to increase traffic to their blogs. Whether you prefer search engines like Google or social media works better for you, there are many ways to get more traffic and I’ve asked some of the most popular beauty bloggers to tell me how they bring traffic to their blog.

Jane Cunningham British Beauty blogger

Increasing traffic is one of the big challenges for blogs. If there is one big learning right now, it’s that blog readers don’t want to read the same thing from blog to blog. So, find a unique voice or at least a unique take on a product or subject that marks your post out as different than others.

Hayley, Hayley  Hall (previously known as London Beauty Queen)

There’s no quick or easy way to increase your following in the long-term, other than creating content that people want to read or engage with. Understanding the kind of features or imagery your readers respond to is the key to delivering more of what they want – and keeping them coming back for more.

Mayah & Sabrina, Call it Vanity

Our advice is not necessarily a trick. We think the main thing bloggers need to remember is that people are coming to their site for content at the end of the day, so the more the post the more readers you’re likely to gain. It’s simple really 🙂 At times when we’ve been really busy with…well life…and unable to keep on top of posting regularly it has really shown, so there’s no special tricks, just lots of time, effort and dedication!

Inga, Organic Beauty Blogger

I don’t use any specific tricks to increase my blog traffic, but I think that genuinely sharing other bloggers’ content on Twitter has been very beneficial for my readers, as well as my blog traffic.

Georgina, She Might Be Loved

I read up about SEO really early into blogging and I’ve made sure I’ve kept up with it ever since. It’s meant that my main traffic has always come from Google which is so awesome! I work really hard on original content and marking sure my blog posts are as friendly to read and my website is as easy to navigate as possible. I even talk and help others with very basic SEO now too, it’s amazing to see your blog come up when searching for different things.

Beth, Polished Couture

My top tip for gaining traffic to your blog has to be social media. You don’t need a big following you just need short and snappy messages kind of like clickbait to make people stumble on your blog. See if there’s any trending hashtags you can jump onto but make sure it’s relevant. I think sharing your post a few times the day it’s published on social media makes a big difference. I know a lot of people including me use Facebook groups to share their recent posts.

Priyanka, Glamour and Giggles

Social Media – I gain a great chunk of my traffic utilising social media, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to be exact! Instagram has been a great source of traffic recently as I implemented my own link tree on my blog and linked that in my bio! I also utilize the “swipe up” feature in IG stories that is available for Business accounts with over 10K followers.

Facebook Groups – This takes trial and error to figure out which groups are the best for you but once you do, you’ll find fellow bloggers to connect with, share your content, and increase your traffic! I recently created my own group for bloggers – Glamour Boss Babes that aims to help us bloggers build our brand and network.

Engage With Other Bloggers – Commenting and sharing one another’s posts can be so helpful if you’re genuine about it! Be sure to leave your comments with your name and blog name, such as “Priyanka @ Glamour and Giggles”. This technique takes time but can definitely bring in meaningful traffic, and that’s what we want right?

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blogging tips from the pros learn how to get more traffic to your blog