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4 Top tips to ace Instagram

4 top tips to ace instagram

Since Instagram changes its algorithm it’s harder than ever to maintain- and keep a good loyal following. With the new algorithm tendency to favour the ‘popular’ instagrammers it’s more important than ever to up your insta game. Here’s some tips on how you can help to achieve this.

Use hashtags sparingly
Hashtags are great for getting your picture to feature in popular topics that people regularly search for. This is incredibly important if you’ve featured a popular makeup brand or celebrity icon in your photo. Make sure you tag them or include the relevant brand hashtag as you may get a regram which will gain you new followers. If you try to put a hashtag for absolutely everything you can think of however it can look like you’re trying too hard to get visibility. As long as you post consistently and have visually interesting photos people should start to follow you.

Create a uniform theme
Ever clicked on a instagram profile and just thought wow? A lot of thought and planning goes into a successful instagram feed, including arranging their photos with a similar filter, style and colour palette. Everything seems smooth and just seems to flow. Haphazard feeds where photos are thrown together tend not to look as good and don’t have as many followers.

Post at popular times
The best time to post a photo is when you know people are going to be using Instagram. Often people who commute in the morning and in the evening will be browsing their feed and are more likely to like a photo that you’ve posted. If you want to grow your instagram further you should switch to a Instagram business profile (it’s free) which will give you detailed analytics on what photos are doing well and the times of day people are viewing your photos. It will also tell you how many people are visiting your profile, clicking on your profile link and sending you messages.

Give your feed a USP (Unique Selling Point)
If everything was the same life would be pretty boring right? The same goes for instagram, don’t model yourself on a popular Instagrammer and hope that you’ll reap from their success – it won’t happen. People hate copy cats and surely you’ll want to benefit from your own success. Come up with a USP that’s original but still something that you enjoy and people will like to see more of. Be true to yourself and your personality and people should start to follow you.