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Turn your daily commute into me time which you look forward to

turn your commute into me time which you look forward to

When you think of your daily commute do you think hell yes or oh god no. For many the thought of sitting bumper to bumper in traffic or crammed in like sardines on the tube is the perfect idea of hell. The sad fact is we spend 54 minutes a day commuting and until we retire that’s not going to change. So apart from bagging a winning lottery ticket how do you make your daily commute one you look forward to? The key is to think outside the box and turn your commute into me time. Just think – there’s no kids to look after, no work to be done, you can simply focus on number one – you.

Learn a new language

Ever wanted to learn a new language but simply don’t have the time? Your commute is the best time to try this new opportunity. Memrise is a great free app that lets you learn 9 languages including French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and more. The app uses everyday words and phrases and tests your knowledge through fun quizzes and images.

Get productive

When you’re commuting you’re often stuck in a small space for a certain period of time. Why not use that time to think about things you need to do, get your thoughts sorted in your head or even go through your emails. Whilst you may be a bit more restricted if you’re a driver you can use recording apps to record your thoughts if you want to write down your thoughts so you don’t forget them.

turn your commute into me time which you look forward to

Change your routine

Often when we do the same thing every day it can get very boring. Human beings love trying new things and experiences and the same can be said for your commute as well. Even if you can’t change your route you can change other things like your playlist or your daily commute activities. Instead of going to the same coffee shop for your coffee why not try that new gem that has just sprung up? You’ll gain new experiences and learn to look forward to your new routine.

Don’t stress about your journey

Often if you’re running late as there’s leaves on the line or never ending traffic it’s easy to start getting negative about your commute and your job. To disperse negative thoughts try special mindful exercises which will help you focus on your inner being. Clear your mind of thoughts, focus on your breathing and take five breaths slower than normal. Relax and focus only on the sensations of your breathing, how your body feels and the air seeping through your nose. This should help refocus your mind and allow you to eliminate bad thoughts about your commute.

turn your commute into me time which you look forward to

Share your ride

Driving to work can get very expensive, especially with the cost of petrol nowadays. Why not share the load with a website that connects car drivers heading to the same destination to split the cost of fuel by car sharing. You’ll get to have friendly chats, have more money in your purse and get a few weeks off driving from time to time. I used to car share and I can’t recommend it enough!

Get a workout on your commute

You won’t be able to get too energetic but you can certainly get a bit creative on your commute. If you’re standing stand up straight, tense your stomach, hold it taut for a few seconds and then release. You can also do the same when you’re sitting down as well. It will help to tone your stomach and build your core body strength.

turn your commute into me time