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Public warning – commuting to work could be damaging your health

commuting to work

Commuting to work is unfortunately a fact of life. Whether you bus it to work, get the train or drive the things that you do on your commute – probably without even realising – could be damaging your health.

Sit up straight

Whatever mode of transport you use, the likelihood is that you’ll be sitting down (unless you’re stuck on a rush hour tube train that is). Often the temptation is there to slump down in the seat and just zone out. Whilst this is probably quite a comfortable position it’s not doing any favours for your back and over time could potentially damage it.  The best way to avoid slumping is to pretend there’s gum on the back of the seat – you’ll hold yourself up using your core muscles and have a much better posture as a result.

Resist the temptation if you can

If your bus or train is delayed, or even if you get stuck in traffic that sneaky fast food treat you previously resisted becomes a reality. If  you get delayed a lot – and that can be quite commonplace in a lot of locations, this can have a major effect on your diet and body. Try to avoid the temptation by popping healthy snacks, like a granola bar or pumpkin seeds into your bag. If you do cave you know your body won’t hate you for it!

commuting to work

Chill out on your commute with Headspace

Headspace is a fabulous little app that’s designed to help you get the most out of your day. It will help you learn life changing skills of meditation and mindfulness in order to transform your life. there is even a handy program designed especially for commuting to help you embrace your zen in often the most stressful time of your day.
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leave early on your commute to avoid unnecessary stress

Avoid your blood pressure spiking

I’m sure you agree it’s true, if you’re running late and get delayed or stuck in traffic you often feel very under pressure to get to work on time. This can result in a spike in your stress levels which increases your blood pressure which can over time have a damaging effect on your health. In order to avoid the likelihood of getting delayed try to leave your house half hour earlier then you need to. Whilst you probably would prefer to spend that half hour in bed, you will find you’re not in such a rush to get to work, you’ll feel more chilled and perform better at work as a result.

Lower your risk of anxiety

If you have a long commute you may feel fed up or stressed, especially if you’re doing it 5 times a week. Try to lower your stress and anxiety levels by listening to a interesting audio book. By getting engrossed in the story you’ll be forgetting about your commute and the journey will be over before you know it.
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