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Revitalise post party skin with these drab-to-fab makeup tips

Revitalise post party skin with these drab-to-face makeup tips

If you found yourself partying a little too hard over Christmas and you’re starting to despair at your post party skin I have the perfect makeup tricks to get your glow back. Whether you’re suffering from dark circles, dull or drab skin there’s nothing that can’t be fixed with the magic touch of makeup.

Dull skin?

If you’ve been indulging on the bubbly this Christmas, chances are your skin is not looking its best. Alcohol robs your body of Vitamin A which is vital for cell renewal which gives your skin a natural healthy glow. To kick start your body into gear you should drink as much water as you can to hydrate yourself and counteract the effects of the alcohol. Whilst you wait for this to take effect you can cheat by using a little makeup trick to revitalise your skin. Mix a liquid bronzer or small amount of highlighter into your foundation and mix it thoroughly so you get a good mix of both foundation and bronzer/highlighter.
Try Dior Diorskin Nude Air Compact Glow powder in Bronze Tan or Touche Eclat Glow Shot liquid highlighter.

Revitalise post party skin with these drab-to-face makeup tips dull skin

Tired eyes?

If your eyes are feeling the effects of your partying you may be suffering with dark circles and redness on your lids. Whilst a good night’s sleep and lots of water will help to reduce this, if you’ve got to go out in public you need results, and you need them now. Firstly you’ll want to open your eyes as much as you can, use a eyelash curler to curl your lashes and prep them for mascara. After you’ve curled your lashes, use a bright coloured eyeliner to make your eyes pop and give the illusion that they’re a lot wider than they are. Mascara will open up your eyes and lift your lashes. Finally dab on a concealer in a triangle shape to conceal any dark circles and to cover the redness on your lids. Blend it out and apply a setting powder to ensure it stays put all day.

Revitalise post party skin with these drab-to-face makeup tips bronzer pearls

Is your face lacking dimension?

If you’re sad that your complexion is lacking any shape or dimension, you can use bronzer and highlighter to counteract this. After applying blush to warm up your cheeks, apply bronzer on either side of your face, under your jaw bone and along your neck. Dab a liquid or powder highlighter along your cheekbones to accentuate the area and define your cheekbones.

By following these simple tricks you’ll soon be back to your happy, glowing self.

Revitalise post party skin with my drab to fab makeup tips