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How to get blemish free skin

Switch it up
If you use a product that scratches your skin you could be unknowingly spreading bacteria. Try to buy a scrub that is gentle on your skin with fruit acids and enzymes. A deep cleansing mask will also help to draw out impurities. For problem skin it’s important to incorporate products that contain pore cleaning salicylic acid, tea tree oil or witch hazel.
Products to put on your must have list:

Think facial
IF you have severe acne it’s best to go for a medical facial that will help skin that is extremely inflamed. When your skin is very inflamed your skin is best treated with a cleanse that can open pores and extract spots.SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Skin Therapy runs a clinic with Dr Nigma Talib from £175.00 (020 7792 8073). If you would prefer a non-medical facial make sure that it keeps skin hydrated as a facial that is drying can cause the skin to overcompensate causing more spots.
Murad blemish control facial from £55.00 (0844 472 7050)

Change is good
Changing your routine can be difficult but in the long term it’s very rewarding and can help to reduce problem skin.