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What foods can cause acne

It’s a common beauty preconception that certain foods like chocolate can cause spots. Eating a lot of sweet and fatty foods can lead to a lack of vitamins which your body needs to maintain clear healthy skin. Whilst some people are more prone to acne then others incorporating a lot of certain foods in your diet can lead to inflammation, hormone increase and an overproduction of sebum which can block pores. I’ve compiled a list of the most prolific foods that in excess can lead to spots.

 Foods that cause acne

what foods can cause acne

Wheat & acne

If you’re gluten intolerant but you’re unaware of this, eating bread could lead to small intestinal damage. This damage over time can lead to inflammation which is the leading cause for acne. If you’re suspecting this may be the issue see your doctor and ask for a gluten tolerance test.

what foods can cause spots crisps


Most traditional crisps are often deep fried in oil and have virtually no vitamin goodness. Too many will lead to a large increase in carbohydrates which can cause your blood sugar levels to rise too quickly. This may result in a increased production of insulin that will flood your body and enter all your cells including your ovaries. Whilst other cells can protect themselves from excess insulin, your ovaries are not able to and too much sugar can result in a increase of hormones including testosterone (found in both males and females). Too much testosterone is one of the leading causes of acne. They also contain a lot of fat which can cause your weight to increase.

Chocolate causes acne

Whether it’s milk or white chocolate, everyone’s favourite treat is of course laced with sugar, and like crisps too much of it can cause your blood sugar levels to spike causing extra insulin production. This will of course lead to over stimulation of your ovaries causing excess hormones and increased fat in your bloodstream. Increased fat levels increase the chances of high levels levels of sebum being produced which is responsible for blocked pores.

what foods can cause spots milk

Dairy free diet benefits

Whilst you may love a cold glass of milk or bread dripping in butter, dairy is one of the leading causes of acne. When you drink milk your body produces a lot of insulin which as you know does no favours for your skin.

Ice cream and acne

Ice cream contains all the issues found in dairy and a ton of sugar which as you know doesn’t bode well for your skin.

what foods can cause acne pizza

Pizza fats

Most pizzas are loaded with fatty ingredients, carbohydrates and cheese. It doesn’t have a lot of nutrients and pretty much contains high levels of all the food groups you should avoid if you’re prone to spots. It also contains gluten (unless you opt for the gluten free option) which can affect your intestines if you have an intolerance.

Fizzy drinks and acne

Fizzy drinks contain pretty much no vitamins or nutrients and are packed full of sugar. Whilst they may taste fab they will lead to a quick sugar rush which will soon drop leaving you hungry and wanting to eat more. The huge influx of sugar will over time cause your body to be flooded with unwanted hormones.

Whilst it’s fine to eat sugar, carbohydrates and dairy in a regular balanced diet you should avoid excesses of these. You shouldn’t deny yourself a treat every now and again but avoid going overboard.

what foods cause acne