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How to embrace the hygge lifestyle

Rediscover your inner happiness by learning what the hygge lifestyle is all about

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The hectic lifestyle that we lead can often lead to us feeling stressed and unmotivated. Do you wish you could take a step back and embrace a relaxed, happier pace of life? Well you can if you embrace the hygge lifestyle of our Danish neighbours. A hygge lifestyle is a way of life – where you learn how to take enjoyment out of the smallest things – so whether it’s sunny or pouring out you’ll feel all cosy and happy inside. Think like the Danes and discover how embracing the hygge lifestyle can make you happier. Here’s some tips to get you started.

make your home cosy with candles hygge lifestyle

Spice up your home and embrace the hygge lifestyle

The heart is where the home is and if you love the way it looks it’s more likely to make you happy inside. If you’ve not done any decorating in a while you can easily add a splash of colour or new furniture on the smallest of budgets. Use candles to add light to your surroundings and embrace nature with wooden tables or decorations.

embrace a self care routine

Amp up your self care routine

Whilst we all love a bit of Netflix, it’s not the best way to take care of number one when you’ve had a stressful day. Get together a number of goto items that you always reach for when you need some comfort. Things like candles, a great book, cosy blankets, chocolate, notepad (for reflection) and tea are all top of my self care wish list.

stock up on your favourite comfort foods

Stock up on your favourite comfort foods

They’re not called comfort foods for no reason, eating your favourite foods helps you feel happy and warm inside. Whether it’s chocolate that makes you smile or a homemade spaghetti bolognese, let your taste buds tingle as you enjoy the food you love the most.

take up crafting to reduce stress

Crafting days

If your days are often non stop, learning a craft – whether it’s knitting, making cards, pottery or candle making – is a great way of embracing a slower steadier pace of life. It will help you to take stock of things and if you’re good at it you could even sell your designs on sites like Etsy.

board games with family

Get together more

A hygge lifestyle encourages togetherness and that calls for lots of time with friends and family. Whether it’s weekly or monthly, arrange a activity that everyone enjoys like a evening playing board games or a night at the local cinema. You could even arrange a vote so everyone can get to choose a activity that they’d like to do. Over time you’ll create lots of memories that you can look back over the years, creating a warm sense of connection and belonging that the hygge lifestyle promotes.

how to embrace the hygge lifestyle chocolate

Be thankful

One important part of the hygge lifestyle is to embrace the feeling of gratitude on a regular basis. Whether it’s that yummy bar or chocolate or that recent chat with your friend, be thankful that they’re there for you to enjoy. By appreciating the smaller things in life you become happier and less materialistic, as you come to realise you don’t need lots of money to be truly happy.

I hope these tips will help you embrace the hygge lifestyle and learn how to rediscover happiness in the smallest things. If you enjoyed the post please don’t forget to share on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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